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Frances Xavier Cabrini (1850–1917)

Mother Cabrini was the first American citizen to be canonized. Once described as a “huntress of souls,” Mother Cabrini is now an Ascended Lady Master. She is also Mercurian.

She was born in Italy, where she founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart in 1880. Later Pope Leo XIII sent her to America to work among the Italian immigrants and in a few years she built dozens of hospitals, schools, orphanages and sanatoriums. She traveled widely in South America by burro. She had a very deep understanding of the balance of commitment to God and nation. She wrote:

He who is faithful to God is faithful to his country and to his family, and the more fear of God animates the citizens of a country, the greater and the more respected will the nation be. Moreover, as it is said that nations are formed on the knees of the mother, it follows that the more the mother is venerated in the family, and the more she herself conforms her conduct to that sublime model that we have in Her, who, repairing the faults of Eve, raised the status of humanity, so much the greater will be those future generations who will form the glory and the prosperity of their country. These principles, my dear daughters, you should teach in your schools, because as educators, you must not only form good Christians, but good citizens for the State, which we wish to be great and respected.[1]

Mother Cabrini’s flame is great for the thrust of education, combined with the flame of another saint who comes from Italy, Maria Montessori, who set forth the pattern of education for the golden age according to the teachings of Mother Mary, which Mary gave to her, precept upon precept, as she began her mission teaching in the slums of Rome.

Mother Cabrini is giving us her flame to carry on the care of the children of the mother, the teaching of the young and those who are the orphans of the Spirit, as El Morya calls them, those who have not the tie to their own divinity.


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