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The Motherhouse

Established in 1969, the Motherhouse was a focus of the ascended masters in Santa Barbara near beautiful Mission Santa Barbara. For many years the Motherhouse was a central focus for the masters and their students. It was here in July 1971 that Mark Prophet inaugurated the first session of the Ascended Master University (AMU), now called Summit University. The opening session of AMU lasted two weeks. Mark lectured on Cosmic Law in the mornings and on God-government in the afternoons.

As late as 1982, students from Summit University convened at the Motherhouse for special gatherings and services. Mother would take busloads of students from Camelot, our headquarters in Southern California, to the Motherhouse to teach them for the day.

Saint Germain spoke of the purposes of the founding of the Motherhouse in a dictation in 1982:

You may remember when the archangels sent forth the word that we would keep the flame of the Motherhouse in Santa Barbara until its purpose should be fulfilled. And one key purpose of that house was to keep a light so that the darkness gathering in San Francisco and Los Angeles should not meet midpoint on that coast and cause cataclysm. Therefore our witnesses, with determined Keepers of the Flame, set on the map a tiny pyramid of light in the secret-ray chakra of that ancient city. And therefore the darkness has not passed either from north to south or south to north.

Subsequently, with the messenger’s [Mark Prophet] ascension and the expansion by his heart of the gathering of forces, I sent forth the call for the teaching centers and the amethyst jewels. And therefore, strong focuses have been established in San Francisco and in Los Angeles, holding the balance against a mounting karma and a mounting disturbance in elemental life due to man’s inhumanity to man....

Weighing all things in the balance, we see that there has been a fulfillment of cosmic cycles within that property. And we are therefore ready for the very alchemy of which the messenger has spoken—the drawing of the light from that property and its consecration to the building of a new and a more useful place where all of you may come and realize that here at the Heart of the Inner Retreat and there in the outer ranch, you have a greater need for a Motherhouse than you now have individually for a Motherhouse in Santa Barbara.[1]

The Motherhouse was sold in 1983.


The Past Is Prologue: The History of The Summit Lighthouse.

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