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Nikola Tesla (c. 1890)

Nikola Tesla (1856–1943) was an American inventor (born in Austria-Hungary) who revolutionized electrical science by developing the alternating current electrical system; invented wireless radio and power transmission systems, the Tesla coil and various generators and transformers; and created man-made lightning.

Tesla’s discovery of the rotating magnetic field is basis of most alternating-current machinery today. According to one of his biographers, “when he was given the vision of the rotating magnetic field, there had come with it an illumination that revealed to him the whole cosmos, in its infinite variations as a symphony of alternating current. For him, the harmonies were played on a scale of electrical vibrations of a vast range in octaves. In one of the lower octaves was a single note, the 60-cycle-per-second alternating current, and on one of the highest octaves was visible light with its frequency of billions of cycles per second.”

In 1898, Tesla announced his invention of a teleautomatic boat guided by remote control. In 1899–1900, he discovered terrestrial stationary waves, proving that the earth could be used as a conductor and would be responsive to electrical vibrations of a certain pitch. Using this technology he lighted 200 lamps without wires from a distance of 25 miles.

The technology of Nikola Tesla is applicable to weather modification, national defense and geological exploration. According to weapons analyst Thomas Bearden, his research enabled Soviet scientists to draw power directly from the core of the earth to produce the effect of a “thermonuclear fireball” without detonating a nuclear weapon.[1]

Tesla offered his discoveries to the United States government for military purposes, but the War Department declined to use them. When Tesla died, his papers and laboratory notes were inherited by a nephew in Yugoslavia and later placed in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. It was there that the Soviets reportedly obtained Tesla’s records and began to develop his theories.

It has been reported that Tesla was involved in bizarre practices that could be considered occult, bordering on Satanism and black magic. It seems that he was on the left-handed path, like many of the reincarnated Atlantean scientists. He was using the science of God, but he had discovered also the methods of its misuse.


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