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At 4:00 a.m. on March 28, 1979, there was a mechanical failure in Unit 2 of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Along with equipment malfunctions and human mistakes in the following hours, this resulted in a release of radioactive gas from the core into the containment vessel of the reactor building. Some of this gas leaked into the atmosphere. According to official reports, threats to human health were minimal. However, one investigator concluded that radiation releases were probably “thousands of times greater” than the official figures and that there was a significant increase in rates of cancer among nearby residents.[1]

The reactor was brought under control, but Unit 2 was so damaged, with more than 50 percent of the core melted down, that it was rendered unusable. This accident was considered to be the most serious in the history of the United States nuclear power generating industry.

On April 1, 1979, Lord Himalaya commented on the accident and explained the position of the Darjeeling Council on nuclear energy:

It is understood by the Darjeeling Council and by the council of the Royal Teton that in this day and hour—when individuals are using nuclear energy yet have not the God-control—when there are mishaps, when there are unforeseen accidents, they have, as it were, created the sorcerer’s apprentice. They have before them the genie which they can no longer control! It is the energy of life itself. It is all-powerful life. And thus, that it be used by those who are not centered in that life can only result in further accident, leading to catastrophe.

Thus, this condition in Harrisburg is given as a warning, as a solemn warning, unto the people of earth in every nation: Let not your greed for power or your desire to use such means of energy cause you to overlook the very fact that you do not now possess all of the necessary power to control these energies.

Therefore, let men seek the further development of solar power. Let them seek the correct use of the reserves of oil, natural gas and coal and all that can be derived from the sea itself. For, beloved ones, unless there is the 100 percent assurance that these nuclear power plants will operate and function in absolute safety unto the people, it is therefore the vote of the Great White Brotherhood, the Darjeeling Council and the Lords of Karma this day that such nuclear power plants ought not to be installed and those that have been installed ought to be shut down.

Beloved ones, it is absolutely inconceivable, yet it is the reasoning of the human consciousness, to continually experiment with those energies of life about which they have so little knowledge—be it the genes and chromosomes, be it the experimentations in fetal research, be it the introduction of drugs used in the temples of the people without the full understanding of the ramifications.

Beloved ones, earth is a playground, but man has made of it a playground to play with the energy of God with irresponsibility. And thus, those who are irresponsible are willing to allow to come upon the people of earth dangers that will continue for generations.

Let the sons and daughters of God therefore challenge those who are in the field of science who were present on Atlantis, who were the very ones who caused its sinking, those who are experimenting in their psychotronics in all sorts of rays. They, then, use that energy without the sense of responsibility to life and to the path of initiation. By the fervent calls of the chelas of the light, we are determined to avert each such potential disaster.

But, beloved ones, we deal here with megatons of energy which mankind by free will have set in motion. And therefore the law of karma dictates, by the use of free will so they must know and understand what are the conditions of that free will and what they have set in motion. By the great mercy of the Law, therefore, the calls for intercession—the prayers of millions and the dynamic decrees of the chelas—are being sifted, even as the hearts of the people are being sifted.

As our eye is upon the sparrow, so our eye is also upon the souls of light as well as the seed of the wicked. And therefore once again, we do call forth the sons and daughters of God to make a more than ordinary sacrifice, to come forward, to be counted, to lead the people, and to defend the precious sheep against these inroads of satanic insanity that will not cry halt to the dangers of nuclear energy and all other dangers imposed upon this generation—through chemicals, through pesticides, through incorrect doses of medicine, through all manner of substances which have been fed to the blessed women who are with child and whose children and children’s children will yet suffer from the intrusion upon the body temples of those substances that are not in harmony with the light of Alpha and Omega.[2]


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