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Opal is a gemstone which contains an intense action of Mighty Cosmossecret rays. Wearing an opal is an intense test of the secret rays, which most people are not able to pass. Unless you have the absolute mastery of that energy, you get tests that you are not prepared to meet. This can result in accidents, calamities, and just plain bad luck, which people have associated with the opal.

The initiations of opal, if not passed, can also divert one’s energies into the psychic plane. The molecular structure of opals enables lower forces to focus through them, just as higher forces focus through diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and similar stones.

We have advised students who had opals to trade them for amethysts or other stones. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds or aquamarines are also excellent. Diamond is the hardest stone and qualifies the greatest light, and people have diamonds for that reason.


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, May 24, 1977.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 14, 1977.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, April 23, 1983.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, December 13, 1985.