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The Order of the Emerald Cross is an order of Keepers of the Flame serving on the fifth ray—doctors, nurses, and those serving in all avenues of health. The order also includes ascended masters and unascended masters at etheric levels. The order is sponsored by Mighty Cosmos, Cyclopea, Raphael and Mother Mary, Hilarion, Pallas Athena and the Maha Chohan.

Portia spoke about this order on April 17, 1976:

And now let the Order of the Emerald Cross be established as the sign of the coming of Mary, the Mother of Christ, and her consort, Raphael the archangel, to the City of the Angels to establish a focus of healing for all who will come not only for the teaching but to touch the hem of the garment of the Divine Mother.

And let those who would serve this order refine within themselves that powerful momentum of healing which Jesus carried in his garment. And let the Keepers of the Flame realize that where there is the spark of life there is hope. And where there is hope there is hope of the will of God and the will to be whole. And where there is even a spark of the will to be whole, there is a tie-in for the action of healing....

Let, then, the Order of the Emerald Cross be those who will invoke the emerald ray from the heart of Cosmos and Cyclopea and Raphael and Mary and Hilarion and Pallas Athena and the Maha Chohan, the sponsors of this order, and who will invoke the angels of truth and healing and science.

The requirement for serving in this order is to keep your four lower bodies charged and full of that emerald frequency so that you always have a greater light within you than the darkness which contacts you, so that you are never depleted by the crowds who are milling, who are seeking the source of that light and that truth that will make them free. You must know how to charge the batteries of the chakras with the healing light, to keep them replenished, to know when to withdraw to fast and to pray and to be recharged, and when to come forth to give of that light.

And therefore, if you will look with your inner sight, you will see a giant emerald cross suspended over the City of the Angels. It has thirty-three emeralds in the cross, and it is truly the cross of white fire of the overcomers of the path of science and truth and healing love.

So let it be for the healing of this nation and every nation. Let it be the manifestation of the leaves of the tree of your causal body, the combined momentum of the members of the Great White Brotherhood ascended and their unascended chelas, that the emerald ray, the emerald cross and its stones be the focalization of the attainment of the green band of the causal body of all who make this their mandala, this, the mandala of the Mother.

I am Portia, Goddess of Opportunity. I ask you to write to me a letter expressing your desire for opportunity to serve so that I may present to the Lords of Karma your options, your expressions of love for Saint Germain and for brother and sister on the Path.[1]

Servatus, overseer of healing angels, spoke of the great need for all Keepers of the Flame to consider their role in the Order of the Emerald Cross. Members of this order need not be doctors or nurses or healers. They need have only the desire to keep the flame while the evolutions of earth go through a two-fold action: first, the bringing forth again of the records of the misuses of science on Atlantis through the reincarnated Atlantean scientists who are performing the same experiments they did in those last days; and second, the return of mankind’s karma from the misuse of the light of the emerald ray.[2]


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