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The Order of the Golden Lily is a spiritual order established by the Goddess of Liberty, spokesman for the Karmic Board, on July 7, 1963. She placed the symbol of the golden lily as the “insignia of divine service” and the “inner symbol of Saint Germain’s fleur-de-lis” over the heart of those who would help her “lift the torch for mankind” both in and out of embodiment.

Those initiated into this holy order have the opportunity and responsibility to invoke the intercession of the hosts of the LORD for the illumination and cutting free of souls of light trapped on the astral plane—especially those passing through the transition called death—that they might be safely escorted to the octaves of light and the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. Keepers of the Flame gather each Friday night for the Ascension Service to fulfill this commitment.

In her dictation the Goddess of Liberty said:

I urge everyone who wears this golden lily upon their heart to recognize that they have my power. And if you will in consciousness call unto me and to your own mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self and recognize that you are one who lifts the lamp of light in order to be a wayshower to mankind, both those who are here below and those who are in the psychic and astral realms, you will realize that you are working with the Angels of Deliverance and with Archangel Michael.[1]

The Goddess of Liberty spoke further of the order in a dictation on July 4, 1993:

I AM the Goddess of Liberty and I sponsor the Order of the Golden Lily. Under this sponsorship you gather for your Friday evening service to offer your calls on behalf of those who have passed from the screen of life that they might be taken to the place of rest that is due them, whether on progressive levels of the etheric plane or on the lower astral plane to experience the results of the negative karma they have made. And this is lawful and this is just.

The work of those of you who have embraced this order is a very important work, as beloved Astrea has told you.[2] And to wield the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame each Friday to clear your cities, your households, your schools and your children of wandering discarnates and even the astral ka is a most important service. I pray that you perform it, beloved ones, for the cities become clogged with astral debris unless Keepers of the Flame perform this service.

Many angels robed in white, including those in the ranks of the seraphim, gather at your services to reinforce your ministrations. And at your command, offered in the name of God, they go deep into the astral plane to rescue souls who cannot navigate out of their old negative momentums and the lower octaves of the astral plane to which their momentums have carried them.

You have been told that the angels do not descend to those depths without the intercessory prayers and calls offered by those in embodiment—and it is so. Therefore remember the call and remember that a sixty-second call you offer daily can save millions of souls from perdition. For you understand the science of the spoken Word.[3]

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