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Patricia Johnson


Patricia Anne Johnson was born on December 19, 1927, in New London, Connecticut, just two years before the Great Depression began. Her father, Harris Hennesey, was an ambitious young man who started his career as a store manager with the S. S. Kresge Company. Her mother, Madeline Hennesey, had been a kindergarten teacher in Flint, Michigan before her marriage. The family lost all of their meager savings during the stock market crash in 1929, two years before Patricia’s sister, Jo Anne was born.

The depression years were difficult for this small family. Patricia’s family moved to Troy, New York, when she was almost three years old. She spent the major part of her early childhood in Troy, participating in activities at the Methodist Church where both of her parents taught Sunday school. At age twelve she was very sad to leave her friends when her father was transferred back to New London, Connecticut.

One important constant in her life was the family’s annual trip to Flint, Michigan to spend their two week vacation with her grand-parents and cousins. To Patricia and her sister, their grandfather seemed to be the personification of God the Father. He fit the image of the God they had been taught about in Sunday school. In Flint, Patricia rode her horse, Lee Todd, every summer and she often mentioned that those times in Flint were some of the happiest in her life.

Another joy in her life was Trojan Timmy Todd, a black cocker spaniel given to her and her sister while they lived in Troy. He lived with the family until his death after Patricia was married.

Patricia Johnson

Teenage years

Patricia’s teenage years in New London inspired her lifelong love of the sea. On Sundays she spent many happy hours at the beach with her friends and family.

Soon after their arrival in New London, military activity increased with the advent of World War II. This activity included nightly air-raid drills, black-outs and the placement of anti-aircraft guns on the beaches and bluffs where she had spent so much time. Patricia became active in making bandages for the Red Cross and befriended some of the young servicemen at Methodist Youth Fellowship activities.

Patricia was sad to leave Connecticut again in her senior year of high school when her father decided to purchase his own store in Binghamton, New York. She had made many good friends, some of whom she kept in contact with all her life. After graduation she attended Ryder Business College in Trenton, New Jersey, where she met her husband, Richard Johnson, who had just returned from active duty in Europe.

Methodist Church

Patricia and Richard were married on August 27, 1948, and moved back to Binghamton in upstate New York. They had two sons, Keith and Kerry. Richard first worked as a salesman for Jewel T, but eventually became a top level insurance salesman for New York Life.

Patricia became very active in the Methodist Church. She joined every committee she could possibly join and developed administrative skills by organizing events. At the same time, she raised two small boys. Eventually she became interested in working at another Methodist Church that had been co-founded by Evelyn Dykman. Evelyn became her very close and faithful friend.

Patricia was actively interested in politics and loved America and freedom with a passion. The assassination of President Kennedy changed the course of Patricia’s life. On that day, with concern for America’s future, her children and family, she turned to God for answers. Her attention moved from social events to more spiritual activities. She began asking God for answers to the difficult, profound questions which made many social activities seem superficial. She reached a point where the Methodist Church did not fill her deep spiritual needs. She also discovered that the National Council of Churches had policies that were morally and politically contrary to her beliefs.

Patricia Johnson

Finding The Summit Lighthouse

Evelyn Dykman, who at that time was also active in the Methodist Church, taught Bible classes to children for many years in her home. When a new Methodist Church was built in the community, Evelyn was invited to teach Sunday school classes there, although she did not strictly follow the Methodist doctrine or that of any other church.

Unbeknownst to Patricia, Evelyn became active in another religious movement. In the early 1960s Evelyn had discovered Mark Prophet and the teachings of the ascended masters. She conducted a Summit Lighthouse Study Group in her home. One day, Patricia contacted Evelyn and asked her about the source of her spiritual life. In response, Evelyn introduced her to the teachings. Patricia was ecstatic because she knew immediately that the teachings were exactly what she had been searching for. Patricia loved Saint Germain, Godfre and the masters’ support for America and its divine destiny. She knew she had finally found a way to spiritually support her country through the teachings of the ascended masters.

Patricia became active in Evelyn’s Summit Lighthouse Study Group, attended services and gave decrees on her own. But she was careful to not force any of her beliefs on her family.

In September 1972, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet were holding a seminar in Atlanta, Georgia. Patricia planned to go and Kerry joined her because he had an experience which prompted him very strongly to go with her to see the Messengers. At that time, Patricia was forty-five and Kerry was eighteen years old. During the Atlanta class they met Mark, Mother, Paul O’Neal and other staff members. The seminar was an unforgettable experience. They were forever grateful to have met Mark prior to his ascension in February 1973.

In 1973, Patricia decided to leave the Methodist Church and was immediately ostracized by most of her former friends. She separated from her husband, Richard, and prepared to move to Colorado. She attended the Freedom Conference 1973 in Colorado at the Land of Lanello. Patricia planned to attend the first quarter of Summit University in Colorado, but her plans changed when it was announced that the Ascended Master University (known as AMU) was to be held at the Santa Barbara Motherhouse instead of Colorado.

Service at the Motherhouse

Patricia returned to New York to prepare to move to Santa Barbara. Then Kerry, Evelyn and Patricia moved to Santa Barbara and attended AMU’s first quarter in September of 1973. They also attended the first second-level quarter of AMU. Between quarters Evelyn helped Nancy Johnson with office work and Patricia helped with housekeeping at the Motherhouse.

After the second quarter Patricia worked as a governess and nurse’s helper to a family in Santa Barbara. She also continued to give extra time to housekeeping at the Motherhouse.

In 1979 Patricia became the director of the Santa Barbara Motherhouse Teaching Center and a live-in staff member. She again made use of her administrative skills in directing the Motherhouse. There she ministered to the needs of numerous souls and made many life long friends. Patricia’s ability to listen attentively and her non-invasive manner won many hearts.

Patricia felt that her service at the Motherhouse was a great honor and privilege. In addition to her administrative duties she conducted services, gave lectures and participated in the many details of Teaching Center life. During this period she also supervised the Student Health Kitchen and Cafeteria at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Kerry and Evelyn remember that when they first arrived in Santa Barbara in 1973, they had some disconcerting experience with some of the staff members there. When informed of this Patricia’s advice was, “If you don’t find love, then you have to supply it.” She did just that and ran the Motherhouse by the same simple but profound principle.

Patricia was instrumental in decorating the Motherhouse and preparing it to be sold. After it was sold in February 1983, Patricia was ready and willing to help found a new Teaching Center in Los Angeles. A building was found and everything seemed to be ready to go full steam ahead. However, unforeseeable circumstances prevented the plan from coming to fruition, so the messenger invited Patricia to go to the Chapel House at North Ranch in Montana to start a Teaching Center.

North Ranch Teaching Center

She quickly established herself and supervised the North Ranch Teaching Center for about eight years. Many staff commented that Patricia brought the flame of the Motherhouse with her.

On September 10, 1986, Patricia became a lay minister of Church Universal and Triumphant. In this capacity she conducted several weddings and many services.

Then in 1986 she became ill with a skin disease called erysipelas. She weathered that and remained on active duty at North Ranch. In 1991 she contracted polymyositis, a disease that caused muscle inflammation. The medicine prescribed by her physician to treat this caused serious side effects including osteoporosis. Because of the osteoporosis she fractured several vertebrae and ribs over a period of several months. Although Patricia was in intense pain she bore this burden with courage. She continued to minister as best as she could to family and loved ones.

Final years

She eventually moved from the North Ranch to the Golden Age Village at Glastonbury where she shared a home with Ruth Farnam and other staff members. Being immobile was difficult for Patricia because she had always been physically active, but she rarely complained or even hinted how difficult each day was. She continued to reach out to people with cards, phone calls and visits to family and friends.

Later, Patricia’s physician realized she also had a disease called scleroderma, a connective tissue disease that causes hardening of the skin and seriously effects the esophagus, kidneys and lungs. Patricia passed away at 1:30 p.m. Friday, November 8th, 1996, at the Edgar Cayce Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona where she was seeking therapy for scleroderma.

Her ascension

The messenger gave the following comments at her memorial service on November 15, 1996:

It was not unusual to hear Patricia say how much she loved each member of her family and our community. She often expressed her eternal love and gratitude for the ascended masters and the messengers and for the opportunity to remain in our community. She dedicated her life to serve in our community.

I am very grateful to have known Patricia, to have served with her for many, many years. She has been a stalwart supporter of Mark and me, specially when Mark left this world and I was left with four children and a lot of work to do.

Her unfailing devotion to our beloved masters has surely paid off in this life. Patricia Johnson has served faithfully on the fourth ray of the white light and she internalized a tremendous white fire. She was greeted at the conclusion of her life by beloved Serapis Bey, who took her directly to his retreat at Luxor.

The piercing white light that blazed through her and is with her to this hour is the presence of Serapis Bey. The glyph that we have of her is walking with him, her beautiful long hair flowing in the breeze and the breeze gently brushing that hair as she and Serapis walked in a most beautiful garden where they were talking one to the other of her life, her experiences and those things that they were sharing.

There was great joy in her face, in her expression, as this conversation continued and the realization that she was participating in her final healing. As this walk continued, it was very clearly understood that one month from this day we would be playing the keynote of her ascension.

We, then, are invited to gather at Luxor one month from the present and we will be taken in our finer bodies to participate in this ascension process. We have the opportunity to prepare ourselves, to give decrees, even fasting and putting aside red meat for a month, and we can see this as an opportunity for us to be one with Serapis Bey, Archangel Gabriel and Hope, who are also of that ray, with the Elohim Purity and Astrea, with the seraphim of God, and with Holy Justinius.

I believe that this period is for the total healing of her psyche, her inner being, her four lower bodies. Even though she has gone through that cremation process, it takes time, and the time is measured in our earthly time.

So we will continue with our decrees emphasizing most heavily the fourth ray and being aware that as we become one with Patricia’s heart, we also might share in her victory and her glory. And that precious bonding that some have expressed as soul mates this evening can take place so that the bonding between heaven and earth, between those of us who are here and those of us who are at Luxor, can be a permanent bonding.

I haven’t seen a dispensation quite like this in the years of my service, and that is the opportunity to be a part of this ascension ceremony at inner levels—and also to know that as Patricia goes before us as our leader, truly as our Joan of Arc, we can follow her and be a part of this tremendous spiral that will bring us together in a tremendous oneness.

Patricia Johnson made her ascension at 11:30 p.m. MST on December 13, 1996. On February 26, 1997, El Morya announced that “Patricia Johnson balanced 54 percent of her karma and made her ascension.”[1]


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