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El Morya explains:

There is a portion of the self that is immutable. That portion of selfhood that is the permanent atom of being is called the I AM Presence. It is the Monad of Self suspended in the planes of Spirit. It is the Godhead individualized as a living flame, as a point of consciousness, as a sphere of identity. It is God—your God Self.[1]

The Elohim Cyclopea speaks of the need hold this as the focus of our vision:

The Permanent Atom of Being is a mighty generator of Life. Let us, then, pursue the vision and know that the time is come for the fulfillment of the prophecy, made by Habakkuk, that the vision is sent. And it surely has come.[2] And it is spoken. And you are hearing it. And therefore, you become knowers, intelligent of the Word.

And the vision must be, first and foremost, of your Mighty I AM Presence. For when your eyes are locked in the gaze of your I AM Presence and none other, then, you see, there is the current that descends. Then there begins to be woven the Deathless Solar Body, which is, in reality, a duplicate forcefield of your own causal body. And each of these spheres contains the levels of manifestation, the precipitation of cosmic science for the dominion in all planes.

Thus you graduate from the tube of light to the spheres of light. And you ought to invoke the descent of your causal body, as the Great Law will allow and as it is tolerable to your own system, your own individual solar system, so that you may have that additional invulnerability in this octave.[3]


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