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Gateway to the Heart of the Inner Retreat

On July 4, 1981, Saint Germain dedicated the Inner Retreat as the Place of Great Encounters:

I dedicate this land to the ascension of the Blessed Virgin. I dedicate this land to her summoning of her own for the victory of the ascension and her vigil with her sons unto the light everlasting.

I dedicate, therefore, this Inner Retreat as the Place of Great Encounters where each one might come to encounter the LORD God Almighty, his own I AM Presence, Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed hearts, souls encountering Truth, souls uniting one with the other, forging a union, forging a nucleus, forging a magnet for transition into the new age—when have we ever seen re-created again the original seed of Sanat Kumara gathered together in one place, not merely for human companionship but for the understanding of the components of the capstone[1] and the components of the heart of America, understanding the rising souls, disengaging from the dissonance of the world and its discord, from its momentum of war and bloodshed, oppression, and the clouding of the mind by tyrants? When have we ever seen gathered together, in the numberless numbers of thousands, the body of light of planet Earth?

Blessed hearts, it has been many centuries. And the world has not seen yet what can be accomplished by the great gathering of the elect. Is it not prophesied that they shall come from the four winds and from the four corners of the earth?[2] Is it not decreed? Thus, I have placed my electrodes as waymarkers and signs in the nations of the earth, that all might follow the sign of the violet flame—the violet-flame banner and the marker—coming home by the markings of transmutation.[3]

El Morya spoke of the Place of Great Encounters in a dictation in 1982:

Therefore, what is the Place of Great Encounters? It is a place where the secrets of God are locked in the atom. It is a place where those who understand the meaning of the solar fire in the heart can accelerate to a greater extent—if they have a will to do so—than those encumbered by ten million auras interpenetrating and sending ten million different signals. Is it any wonder you feel a bit heavy at the end of a day in New York or Los Angeles or Calcutta? Well, precious hearts, the Place of Great Encounters is the place where you meet the mountain and conquer—else it will conquer you.[4]

The Place of Great Encounters was spoken of by El Morya through his amanuensis Helena Roerich:

No one wishes to find himself in an enclosed field with no possibility of even looking over the fence. One needs to discover a crack, though it be but a small one, through which to perceive the possibility of approach to Infinity.... Perhaps on each planet there is a place for great encounters.[5]

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