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[From Greek psyche, “soul”] One who has developed his soul, or solar, faculties for heightened awareness of the physical, astral, mental, and sometimes the etheric belts of earth and her evolutions.

A psychic, or one who is psychic, has, in this or previous embodiments, developed faculties of sensitivity or extrasensory perception not generally accessed by mankind. This may include altered states above or below the normal threshold of awareness and the tapping of the computer of the subconscious or the superconscious mind. Although some use these faculties constructively with a respectable degree of accuracy, in many cases the information as well as the discrimination thereof is unreliable.

The term “psychic” has come to be used synonymously with the term “astral” in its negative context and pertains to the penetration and manipulation of energy at the level of the astral plane. According to the ascended masters, one who has involved his energies in the psychic, psychicism, or psychic phenomena is functioning on the lower astral plane. Thus, by the strong ties established with entities of the lower octaves, he postpones the day of his true spiritual development and oneness with the penetrability of the Godhead.

Conversely, through oneness with God and direct apprehension of the higher octaves, he may derive spiritual benefit for his soul in the etheric plane (heaven world), journeying in his etheric sheath to the retreats of the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood and the cities and temples of light located in that plane. True spiritual God-mastery is not measured by clairvoyance or psychic phenomena but by the God-control of the sacred fires of the heart and adeptship on the path of Love.

Psychic activities

The things that fall into the category of the psychic include dealing with spirits and spiritualism; automatic writing; involvement with UFOs; and methods of divination such as “worldly” astrology, tarot, the pendulum and Ouija boards.

Lord Maitreya explains that involvement in the psychic is always a detour from the path of spiritual attainment:

The veil within the human temple must be rent in twain. The veil of illusion must part, and by initiation Reality will shine forth.

Beware, however, of the penalty for engaging in automatic writing, in psychic activity and in all of those things that are contrary to ascended master law. Take heed that you understand that there is no need for man to do these things that tie in to the psychic world. The Ouija board and many of these other activities bring mankind downward. I tell you, there are few upon the planet who understand how to operate the cards of the tarot.

You ought to understand, then, that the safest and best journey [course] for the elect is under the direction of the ascended masters. It teaches you how you ought to study their words and to pray unto them, to call unto them, to seek initiation, to be a real person, to be a divine person, to activate the flow of cosmic energy within your forcefields by sounding the Word, by humming the majestic concept of the living Christ, by feeling the surge of the resurrection current, by entering in to the power within the Holy of holies of your own being.

Men do not have to go outside themselves to find salvation, for the kingdom of heaven is within you. And that kingdom that is within you is our kingdom.[1]

Lord Maitreya gave further teaching on these activities in a letter of July 1, 1986:

I would mention the dispensation of astrology, tarot, palmistry, and the I Ching as systems introduced in various periods of history under teacher adepts who had the correct alignment with the inner law. With the passage of time and the increasing enlightenment of the planetary body through the intercession of Saint Germain, these systems through misuse have embodied the vibrations of the astral plane and false teachers who have used them for the influence and control of their pupils and followers. This is why we have forbidden our students to use these systems, except under our direction, sponsorship, and enlightenment.

Of the named, astrology has been pointed out as a key when given and received without fear, superstition, or a sense of unalterable predestination. Nevertheless, some of our students have become caught in the trap of placing too much attention upon their astrology and not enough on their I AM Presence, giving too much weight to the predictions of the planets, and not enough to the preponderance of the Light of the Holy Christ Self and the Great White Brotherhood. In the case of the I Ching, it is unreliable due to its misuse by the false hierarchy.

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