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Probings of the records and soul memory of past, present, and future and of planes of consciousness beyond the physical.

Psychic readings

If readings are done by a psychic or through regression by hypnosis, they may be a probe of or an accessing of the astral body and astral belt of the earth, hence the human consciousness in all its personal and planetary astrological aspects.

Since this takes into account experiences of the lower self without benefit of the soul’s ongoing integration with the Higher Self and its point of perspective—looking down upon herself from the plane of causation to the plane of effect—such a reading is at best one dimensional. It may be a rerun that evokes deep emotions, but it will fail to re-create the rapture of the soul’s self-transcendence in Higher Consciousness—the victorious denouement of her passage through the dark night.

Readings by the ascended masters

Readings by an ascended master on behalf of a chela are given in order that lessons may be learned, goals set, and right choices made based on the totality of the life picture, involving the karma of the scene, the priorities of self-mastery, service with one’s twin flame, and a vision of future freedom. The realization of this freedom may depend on a commitment to sacrifice in the present—to willingly embrace obligations and debts in a one-pointed striving for the mark.

When the ascended masters give a reading, they give it for the disciple who wants to know not for curiosity or self-importance but that he may pay the price for the soul’s separation from the Law of the One, balance karma, get off the treadmill of reembodiment, serve the I AM Race and their endeavors on behalf of humanity, reunite with his twin flame, and ascend to God.

The ascended masters present an accurate assessment of the soul’s integration with the Christ Self in the four planes of Matter. They quicken the memory of the divine plan for this life and tell their students what is their progress on the Path. On the basis of the evaluation of the Lords of Karma, the masters reveal what is most essential to the soul’s salvation, drawing from the Book of Life and the hall of records maintained by the Keeper of the Scrolls.

Since a reading taken from the subconscious opens the records that have been sealed in wisdom’s name by the Christ Self for this lifetime, the ascended masters recommend that instead of a reading, the violet flame be invoked to “clear,” i.e., transmute, these records without prior probe in order that the soul may daily ascend to God, transcending the past, living in the Eternal Now, strengthened by Higher Consciousness.

The violet flame itself may reveal to soul and mind flashes of the past as these pass into the flame for transmutation. Transmutation by the violet flame frees us to be who we really are by our victories in God, unencumbered by the mésalliances of our yesterdays.


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