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A protective forcefield which is actually a ring of white fire that may be tinged with the colors of the rays according to the requirements of the hour. An individual may draw this circle of living flame around individuals and places to protect and to seal the identity and forcefield of those dedicated in the service of the light.

How to invoke

Sanat Kumara explains how to invoke the ring-pass-not:

Another measure used by the adepts who must manifest their presence midst the throngs of the large cities of the world in order to hold the balance of light is the spiritual/mental drawing of the ring-pass-not around one’s forcefield. Just think of a child on a playground drawing a chalk circle around himself and then standing in the center. Then mentally draw your circle of white light, nine feet in diameter, as the pattern and the reinforcement of your tube of light, which itself is always visualized as nine feet in diameter. The ring-pass-not is also called the circle of identity. Actually, it is the sealing of the soul’s integrity—its integral relationship with the beloved I AM Presence.

This “inner circle” is one’s own “Holy of Holies,” if you will, one’s auric forcefield and the guaranteed time and space of one’s experimental mission to earth. It is the place prepared and the energy field for one’s experiments in the scientific application of the laws of energy (as love) and free will (as love) conducted in the laboratory of selfhood. It is this unit of God’s Selfhood called individuality which the wicked would erode and thereby distort or destroy the options of free will.[1]

Use by the Cosmic Secret Service

This spiritual tool is particularly used by K-17 and the members of the Cosmic Secret Service. K-17 explains:

I would also speak to you of the ring-pass-not. For in situations of danger, it is an added protection, sealing your tube of Light in an armor that is like the bars that are placed on automobiles so that when they roll in their testing, they roll on the bars. This means that when you are in situations and you have to roll with the punches and with the knocks, there is a ring-pass-not that is an extra protection that seals you from the intrusion of violence against your physical body and from the penetration of poisons, rays, and all manner of sophisticated weapons that are used against the legions in the Cosmic Secret Service in embodiment.

Thus I urge you to call for the ring-pass-not, to keep it about you. For it will insulate you from the mass consciousness, and it will also serve as an electrode to intensify the action of the All-Seeing Eye of God so that you may perceive those threats and dangers that are sent against your lives as you seek to preserve the honor and the integrity of our flame.[2]

K-17 explains that the ring-pass-not may also be drawn around forcefields of darkness:

And thus it is not out of order for those in embodiment to call to the attention of Hierarchy conditions that are in the making and on the drawing boards which require the seal of white fire—the ring-pass-not.[3]

The ring-pass-not around the earth

Kuthumi explains that the earth itself is also “completely insulated and protected with a band of ascended master light substance, so that earth’s discord does not pass out through this ring-pass-not and contaminate space or other worlds with any mundane discordant vibratory action, but does transmit and pass vibrations based on divine law and love.”[4]

The solar ring is a ring-pass-not.


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