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The ascended lady master Rose of Light represents the spirit of Woman and the spirit of Mother in the New Age. By her attainment, she governs the unfoldment of the heart chakra and the expansion of the light through the threefold flame.

Embodiment on Atlantis

On Atlantis she kept the fire of love on the altar of healing love. She also called for the establishment of a cult of the heart and the path of the ruby ray. She is part of the sisterhood that comes in the tradition of the priestesses of the sacred fire.

She tended a meditation garden and shrine on Atlantis devoted to the unfoldment of the divine plan of the soul. The gardens were filled with roses, each one consecrated as a budding soul unfolding its divinity. She identified the sons and daughters of God who should come out from the world and be on the Path, and she prayed for them without ceasing. Her momentum of prayer assisted many who came there to discover their raison d’être, and they went forth to fulfill their mission in service to the light and their fellowman. She served when the world was in great decadence and turbulence just before the Flood. It was as difficult as it is today to follow the path of light, and at that time she made her ascension.

Her experience in this embodiment enabled her to unfold the rose in her heart. Each petal is a fiery equation of light. Each petal is to strengthen the threefold flame in the hearts of devotees. She emanates a pink light that is tinged with the gold of Helios and Vesta. She advocates that the fiery heart intensify with the ruby ray, that it press out love, and that this love consume the force of Antichrist in the world.

Her service today

Like many of the ascended masters serving with planet Earth, Rose of Light’s twin flame is as yet unascended. Rose of Light speaks of the unascended twin flames of the ascended masters:

I AM your Rose of Light, your sister of love. I call my twin flame to true love, to the true path of the ascension, to the true victory of love. And I call all twin flames unascended of the hierarchy of light to now leave all else for the sake of love and survive unto the New Day. I call to you who are present to call to your twin flames unascended or ascended to heed the call of love and intensify it in your heart, even as you intensify it in their hearts.[1]

Rose of Light’s assistance to spiritual students is to develop the action of the heart and to make the love of the heart an “open door which no man (no manifestation of the human) can shut.” She says:

Thus, I come again, and my mission is to come and to stay with you, for Saint Germain has called me to be your special mentor of the heart. Therefore, I bring my angels of the rose of light, and we place upon your heart chakra the thoughtform and the manifestation of the rose of light unfolding petals that are multiplying the twelve of the heart chakra. You may have a thousand-petaled rose of the heart chakra, beloved, for the petals increase by mercy’s flame and compassion and wisdom....

I therefore have come forth on this day, as scheduled by the Great Law, to begin the process of the tutoring of the heart and the opening of the rose of the heart.... Let each unfolding of the petal of the heart be a strengthening of the petal and of its release of light. Let there be the God-mastery of the petals, signifying a greater and greater release of light, which does require, as has been explained to you at length, a greater protection and likewise a mounting spiral of attainment in the flame of God-mastery.[2]

The path of the sacred heart

The rose of light of the heart chakra reminds us that every saint who has entered into the courts of heaven has magnified the Lord, and truly the path of Christ and Buddha is the path of the sacred heart. This heart can hold the entire earth and the physical octave braced in the rose of light. The rose of light of the heart may appear to be delicate, but it is a fiery vortex of love.

She says:

It is love that does personalize the light that does quicken the heart and open it. Some have neat petals in a spiral unfolding about the heart. But others, even among you, yet have not unfolded the rose of light of the heart, choosing at times to retain the strident, the unmerciful expression, the hardness of heart. Thus, the petals are not symmetrical and the golden-pink glow-ray spiral that is a part of this pink rose is not as it should be for the coming of the Queen of Light.[3]

We can call for the distilled essence of beloved Rose of Light to mend each fracture in our etheric body and ask her to help us to develop the action of the heart. We can also ask Rose of Light, through the magnet of our own God Presence and Christ Self, to infuse our hearts directly with her own momentum of purity and love. Her discernment of Truth through the heart will assist all to prepare for the initiations of Lord Maitreya whereby they might gain mastery of the heart chakra. Her discipline is the discipline of divine love and of the exactness of the heart flame.


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