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Satsanga comes from the Sanskrit, sat, meaning “Being, Essence, Reality,” plus sanga, “association.” The literal meaning of satsanga is “association with Being”; hence the popular interpretation “fellowship with truth” and “communion with holy men, seekers, or those of high ideals.”

Men and women who are seeking the light should not encourage association with those who are actively pursuing the downward path. Although Jesus was known as one who associated with publicans and sinners, his concern was for the freedom of the imprisoned soul. The great Hindu masters refer to one’s fellowship with Truth and with those of like mind as satsanga. Unless there can be brought about through a relationship a mutual upliftment of consciousness or the spurring of the desire in the one on the downward path to find a higher life expression, involved relationships are best avoided.

Those who would manifest true brotherhood should seek to associate with those who are free from criticism, condemnation and judgment toward their fellowmen, with those who are not argumentative or motivated by the desire to strut the ego or to parade their ego-centered ideas. Rather should they pursue association with humble men and women who hold the sacred wisdom of God as a treasure of great price.


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