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Servatus oversees the legions of healing angels who minister to mankind under Mother Mary and Raphael, the blessed archangel and the archeia of the fifth ray. He also serves with Ray-O-Light and his legions of fearlessness-flame angels.

Servatus spoke of his mission in a dictation in 1977:

I come by dispensation of the Lords of Karma, who many years ago said to Mary and Raphael: “My beloved, we will allow Servatus to come forth only when a certain number among mankind have set themselves apart and set themselves to the task of the Community of the Holy Spirit. For only in the sacrifices necessitated by community can the wholeness of the flame be brought forth. Therefore, when mankind show the love and a certain few who represent mankind come forth to show the way of that healing, only then can we allow Servatus to speak to the Keepers of the Flame.”...

I am come, then, in an unprecedented moment of earth’s history when there has never been a greater need for healing, even though it might seem that in the West as well as the East many developments in science and in medicine have taken place. Yet I tell you, the condition of the physical bodies, the emotions and the minds of the people is far, far from the center of Christ-reality. And the spirals of degeneration that are in the subconscious of the collective consciousness are fast spiraling into manifestation. And therefore, the people have not the wholeness that they require. And shortly there will come to pass a greater manifestation of the vial of the fifth angel[1] that comes upon the people as the chastisement for the misuse of science.[2]

Genetic engineering

Servatus was an eye-witness to the misuse of science in genetic engineering that took place on Atlantis, contributing to the fall of that continent. He is concerned about the return of mankind’s karma of the misuse of the emerald ray and the return again of genetic engineering to the earth.

I would caution you that in the last days of Atlantis the misuses of the emerald ray were very great. Science reached a great crescendo of materialism and mechanization. People became more and more dependent upon the scientists of the day who had their instruction from the laggards who came from Maldek, from the fallen ones and from the Luciferians.

And therefore, the science of genetics and the manipulation of the DNA chain was in advance of that which it is today. And today’s scientists are just beginning to touch on the records that were in the laboratories of Atlantis that caused such a degeneration of consciousness and of body and such a proliferation of perverted forms and the cross-breeding of all types of animal life with human life so as to ultimately find the decree of the LORD God in the flood of Noah and in the sinking of that continent.[3]

Servatus spoke of the great need for all Keepers of the Flame to consider their role in the Order of the Emerald Cross. Members of this order need not be doctors or nurses or healers. They need have only the desire to keep the flame while the evolutions of earth go through a two-fold action: first, the bringing forth again of the records of the misuses of science on Atlantis through the reincarnated Atlantean scientists who are performing the same experiments they did in those last days; and second, the return of mankind’s karma from the misuse of the light of the emerald ray.

Servatus says:

As in the days of Atlantis, we stand by. We are watchful. It is our mission to answer the call of the little child and of the mature lightbearer. We come in with thousands and thousands of angels upon one request of one son or daughter of God, even if that request is made sometimes half-heartedly and without faith, saturated perhaps with doubt and fear. And yet, if the individual will raise up his head and give voice to the command for wholeness, we will answer. And all of the healing hosts of the LORD will answer.[4]

His service

Call to Servatus and his legions for the healing of the nations and the healing of consciousness of the people. Call to him and to Ray-O-Light for the fearlessness flame, an intense white light edged in a brilliant emerald green. This flame is a healing energy that can clear the conscious and subconscious of the energies of fear. When fear and anxiety are removed, then the angels can come with a light of wholeness and reestablish those coordinates within the body that are necessary for the flow of the light and the energy of the soul.

Let every man and woman and child become the physician of his own body and soul and mind. Let him apply directly to his own I AM Presence and Christ Self, and let him see what it takes as a work in God to draw forth that wholeness.[5]


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