Sons and Daughters of Dominion

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The Sons and Daughters of Dominion is a spiritual order of men and women pledged to the service of the Mother through their vows to take dominion over earth, air, fire, and water and to gain self-mastery in the planes of Matter through the example of Jesus the Christ.

History and purpose

This holy order within the Church Universal and Triumphant was founded by Mother Mary. The full name of the order is The Sons and Daughters of the Dominion of the Water Element. Sons and Daughters of Dominion were selected from the communicants of the Church and appointed and initiated by the head of the Church. They were a holy order that expanded the awareness and mastery of the teachings as released by Mother Mary. Mother Mary says that in this age we must have a body of souls who will master energy in motion—the water element.

There were thirty-three vows that Sons and Daughters of Dominion took. They vowed to intensify the action of clearing the planes of Matter through invocation and through application of the science of the cosmic clock, and in general, to support the mission of Church Universal and Triumphant.

Current status

This holy order has been inactive since the early 1980s.


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