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The messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet conducted guided Soul Retrieval meditations at quarterly conferences between the years 1995 and 1998. Currently, the ritual of soul retrieval is conducted at each quarterly conference using the messenger’s videotaped meditations.

The Goddess of Wisdom has spoken of the need to reassemble the components of the soul:

I have come with the teaching of wisdom. I have come with the teaching of wisdom because there are some among you who have reached that point when, with the touch of the fire of the Holy Spirit, you could experience a new wholeness. You have met certain requirements of the law. You have balanced certain portions of karma which are the cause behind the effect of limitations in body and mind. And yet for want of will and of determination and of the leaping into the joy of the Spirit and the understanding that God’s promises are kept—for want of this, it is as though the parts of the puzzle have not been put in place. They are there ready to be assembled to make the perfect cube. It requires the alchemy of the key, the turning of the key, and the taking of the hand, and the performing of the sacred work of the assembling of the soul components.

Think of this: to assemble soul components! Have you ever thought that perhaps the components of your soul were not in alignment with the cube of the heart? Have you perhaps left a portion of your soul in the past or with another part of life? Have you given your soul and placed it somewhere where you ought not to have placed it, in loyalties to the human consciousness and to the flesh that ought to be replaced immediately by loyalty to God and to the Spirit? Think, then, of drawing together your solar awareness and your soul consciousness. Think, then, of commanding the atoms and cells and electrons of the soul to return to the soul chakra. Think, then, of drawing this solar fire and solar evolution and solar consciousness as a magnet in Mater whereby you, in the temple of the living God, might experience the wholeness of the Temple Beautiful.

See, then, how to command Life—how to command Life—how to understand that, with all the law that is taught, there is a call for ingenuity, creativity, even genius in knowing how to call and what to call. It is like knowing the next step in a very complex problem of mathematics—how to arrive at the desired solution, what equation shall be used, what method. It is like the physician picking from the shelf the necessary application, the necessary formula to the problem.

Well, some of you have not even diagnosed the problem in order to now be concerned with that which must be applied as solution. And therefore, I bring to you a possibility and a probability that the problem is the need to assemble the components of the soul. In some cases, the soul, its forcefield, has been split by very intense fears of the past—traumatic experiences wherein you might say the soul has been driven underground, far into the depths of the subconscious like a frightened child. The soul must be called back, back to the throne room, back to the three-in-one, back to the place where the trinity of the threefold flame is enshrined in the temple of the heart.[1]

Archangel Michael has explained the need for the ritual of Soul Retrieval:

Inevitably, during the centuries of human history, you have engaged in many wars and battles. In the course of these confrontations, you have literally lost fragments of your soul, the result being that today your soul is not whole, and therefore she must be restored to wholeness through the exercise of the spoken Word.

By invoking the Great Central Sun Magnet, the Messenger magnetizes back to the lawful owner soul particles that have been lost or stolen. However, it then becomes the soul’s responsibility to hold onto the retrieved particles. But if for want of sufficient momentum of the sacred fire, the soul does not have the necessary magnetism to hold the particles in her orbit, she may lose the very particles she was able to salvage through the Messenger’s invoking the Great Central Sun Magnet.

By giving dynamic violet-flame decrees to Saint Germain and protection decrees to me and my hosts, you as an earnest devotee of the Holy Spirit can in time build a sufficient momentum of the Great Central Sun Magnet within your heart chakra to overcome your present lack.

In order to accomplish this, you would do well to religiously attend soul-retrieval sessions conducted by the Messenger at quarterly conferences and on special occasions. You can attend these sessions either in person at King Arthur’s Court or by phone patch from anywhere in the world. By so doing, you would benefit greatly.

In the interim between soul-retrieval sessions, you can work on gathering back to the fold the sheep (i.e., the soul fragments of your being) that have strayed or been stolen from your pasture by wolves in sheep’s clothing. By this means, the soul may ultimately be strengthened so that she may be restored to wholeness in preparation for her reunion with her Bridegroom.[2]

Saint Germain explains the need to guard the elements of the soul:

The piracy of genes and soul fragments is a reality when you are engaged in the warfare of the Spirit. For this reason, the Messenger regularly conducts rituals of soul retrieval.

Her assignment from the Brotherhood is to demagnetize negative elements that have attached themselves to soul fragments and genetic components of the human spirit and to give them a positive spin so that their lawful owners may once again claim them. By giving calls to Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun Magnet, every chela can magnetize his soul fragments and genetic components back to the seat-of-the-soul chakra, the heart chakra and the secret chamber of the heart.

But as an unascended chela, you are always in danger of losing these elements of your being through anger, argumentation or arrogance. You must therefore be the watchman on the wall of your own soul consciousness. Unless you do this assiduously, fallen angels and demons will have entrée into the sanctuary of your heart and your seat-of-the-soul chakra and they will be able to steal the crumbs of light from the Master’s table.[3]


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