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A soul mate is exactly what it says: It is a mate of the soul. The soul is something quite apart from the white-fire body, the white-fire core of your I AM Presence. So the term soul mate relates to a joint service and a mission on the Path that you might perform with someone other than your twin flame.

The definition of the soul mate is someone with whom you are working on a project that is part of the fulfillment of the requirements of mastery on one of the seven chakras. Specifically, your soul mate would be one with whom you are working to focus the energies of Alpha and Omega in a specific chakra, and together you put forth your energies to make up the divine whole of that chakra.

When you find one person with whom you fit together well for the accomplishment of a noble work, it is important to realize that even if the relationship is one of soul mates, this does not mean that it is an automatic fiat from life or from destiny that this is intended to be a romantic involvement. One may complete the project and be ready for the next initiation in the next chakra, which involves a whole new circle of people and perhaps another soul mate.

The connection between soul mates makes good brother/sister relationships, good family relationships and good marriages. These relationships have a quality of soul reflection; a certain element of completeness is found. In fact, you might be much more like your soul mate than your twin flame. Whereas you would be an opposite to your twin flame, you would be a parallel to your soul mate. This makes for happy, harmonious, fruitful relationships.

One of the greatest accomplishments of all time was made by a couple who were not twin flames but whose own twin flames were ascended and therefore able to assist them in their mission. Mary and Joseph, appointed by God to bring forth the Christ, were aided from on high by Archangel Raphael, the divine complement of Mary, and by beloved Portia, the Goddess of Justice, the complement of Saint Germain (who was embodied as Joseph).

Their lives are living proof of the fact that souls who come together dedicated in service to God and to the bringing forth of the Divine Manchild can succeed with the help of their twin flames. This help, when invoked, is always forthcoming from the God Presence of their twin flames, even though their twin flames may not yet be ascended.

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