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A term originally used by Austrian mystic and physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734–1815) to describe the energy field that surrounds all living things and by which he was able to exert a hypnotic influence on others. Actually, all people carry a magnetic forcefield that is determined by the rate of vibration of their own individual thoughts and feelings and records of past lives, both being recorded in the “electronic circle” or “[[electronic belt]]” of each lifestream.
We speak of “personal magnetism” or a “magnetic personality.” This is the intangible quality made up of the combination of many complex factors of the ego. However, there is only one true magnetism that is desirable, and that is the magnetism of the Christ who is the Polestar of each man’s being. All else is the glitter and glamour of the human—the [[maya ]] of imperfection that should be handled daily.
== Types of animal magnetism ==

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