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[[File:0000155 poster-sanat-kumara-2008 600.jpeg|thumb|upright=1.3|Sanat Kumara]]
Sanat Kumara is known as the Ancient of Days. He is the Great Guru of the seed of Christ throughout cosmos, hierarch of Venus and one of the [[seven holy Kumaras]] (Lords of Flame who represent the seven rays on Venus). He initiates us on the path of the ruby ray, which he sets forth in his book ''The Opening of the Seventh Seal''.
<blockquote>We wept in joy, Venus and I and all of the hundred and forty and four thousand. And the tears that flowed on that memorable evening burned as the living sacred fire flowing as the water of life from the great white throne and the Cosmic Council, our sponsors.</blockquote>
=== Building Shamballa ===
Thus, when Sanat Kumara came from Venus to make the earth his temporary home, he was accompanied by a retinue of many great beings of light, including his daughter (the lady master Meta) and three of the seven holy Kumaras. The four hundred who formed the avant-garde were sent ahead to earth to build the magnificent retreat of [[Shamballa]] on an island in the Gobi Sea (where the Gobi Desert now is). Alchemists and scientists came also at that time, one hundred forty-four of these focusing the one hundred forty-four flames of the elements. Together they composed a replica of the diamond that is in the [[Great Hub]], a focus of the diamond-shining mind of God.
Sanat Kumara also figures in several roles in the religious traditions of the East. Each one reveals another facet of his Divine Self. He is revered in Hinduism as one of the four or seven sons of Brahma. They are portrayed as youths who have remained pure. The Sanskrit name Sanat Kumara means “always a youth.” He is the most prominent of the Kumaras.
[[File:Lord Muruga Batu Caves.jpg|thumb|Statue of Kartikeya at Batu Caves, Malaysia]]
=== Hinduism ===
Skanda-Karttikeya, as he is sometimes called, is also acclaimed as the god of wisdom and learning. He is said to bestow spiritual powers upon his devotees, especially the power of knowledge. In the Hindu mystic tradition, Karttikeya is known as Guha, which means “cave” or Secret One, because he lives in the cave of your heart. Hindu scriptures also depict Sanat Kumara is the “foremost of sages” and a knower of Brahman.
=== Ahura Mazda Zoroastrianism ===
The ascended masters teach that the supreme God of Zoroastrianism, '''Ahura Mazda''', is Sanat Kumara. Ahura Mazda means “Wise Lord” or “Lord who bestows intelligence.” He represents the principle of Good and is the guardian of mankind and the opponent of the Evil principle.
Sometime between 1700 and 600 <small>B<small>.</small>C</small>. [[Zarathustra]] founded Zoroastrianism in ancient Persia. One morning when he went to fetch water in a river, he beheld a luminous being who led him to Ahura Mazda and five other radiant figures. So great was their light that “he did not see his own shadow upon the earth.” From this group of beings he received his first revelation of a new religion. Shortly afterward, Zarathustra became a spokesman for Ahura Mazda.
== Lady Master Venus ==
[[File:0000154 poster-lady-master-venus-2007 600.jpeg|thumb|Lady Master Venus]]
Sanat Kumara’s twin flame is '''Lady Master Venus'''. During his long exile on planet Earth, she remained on their home planet to keep the flame there. Some years after Sanat Kumara’s return in 1956, Lady Venus herself came to earth to assist her evolutions. In a dictation delivered on May 25, 1975, she announced that as Sanat Kumara had kept the flame for earth, now she had come to “tarry for a time on Terra” to “dedicate anew the fires of the Mother.” She said,
<blockquote>I release a fiery momentum of consciousness to arrest all spirals that would take from humanity the fullness of their divinity.... See how mankind respond to the flame of the Mother as they responded to the light of Sanat Kumara.</blockquote>
Figure 154 Lady Venus [Slide 26 RH portrait - 150]
== Return to earth == On July 4, 1977, Sanat Kumara said that “the :  <blockquote>The Cosmic Council and the Lords of Karma have granted and decreed that I might be allowed to tarry on earth, in earth, for certain cycles of manifestation for the absolute return of freedom into the hearts of the lightbearers of earth....</blockquote>
<blockquote>I place my body as a living altar in the midst of the people Israel,<ref>The term Israel applies to the collective body of the bearers of the Christic seed and Christ consciousness who have descended from Sanat Kumara and not exclusively to the Jewish people. The ascended masters teach that those who are of the I AM THAT I AM have embodied in all races, kindreds and nations. The term Israelite means, esoterically, “he who Is Real in the mighty I AM Presence.” In Hebrew, ''Israel'' means “he will rule as God” or “prevailing with God.”</ref> and in that body temple is the original blueprint, the [soul] design for every son and daughter of God and the children of God who have come forth. For it is the desire of the Cosmic Virgin that none of her children should be lost, none of her sons and daughters.</blockquote>
In a dictation given July 4, 1978, Sanat Kumara told us he was manifesting that night in the physical spectrum “and I am anchoring in this very earth plane the full weight and momentum of my office as the Ancient of Days, such as I have not done since our coming to the Place Prepared at Shamballa.”
== Keynote ==
The strains of Sanat Kumara’s keynote were captured by Jan Sibelius in ''Finlandia''. So powerful is the release of the flame of freedom through this music, that during the Nazi occupation, its playing was forbidden lest it arouse the fervor of the people for freedom.
== See also ==
[[Seven Holy Kumaras]]
== Sources ==
{{MTR}}, s.v. “Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus.”
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