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* Second Ray, yellow, [[Archangel Jophiel]] and [[Christine]], south of the Great Wall near Lanchow, north central China.
* Third Ray, petal pink, deep rose and ruby, [[Archangel Chamuel]] and [[Archeia Charity|Charity]], St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
* Fourth Ray, white and mother-of-pearl, [[Archangel Gabriel]] and [[Archeia Hope|Hope]], between Sacramento and Mount Shasta, California, USA.
* Fifth Ray, green, [[Archangel Raphael]] and [[Mother Mary|Mary]], Fátima, Portugal.
* Sixth Ray, purple and gold, ruby, [[Archangel Uriel]] and [[Aurora]], Tatra Mountains, south of Cracow, Poland.
* Seventh Ray, violet and purple, [[Archangel Zadkiel]] and [[Holy Amethyst]], Cuba.
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