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Sanat Kumara anchored a ray of light from his heart as a thread of contact with each one evolving on the planet Earth, nourishing and sustaining that flame and assisting the Holy Christ Self to quicken the Christ consciousness. Without that assistance, mankind en masse would have gone through the second death, and the planet would have been destroyed.
The ancient custom of the [[Yule Loglog]] has come down to us from the service rendered by Sanat Kumara who, each year, consecrated a focus of the sacred fire in the physical octaves. It became tradition for the people to come across many miles to take home a piece of the Yule Log log and to use it to light their fires through the coming twelve-month cycle. Thus, a focus of his physical flame was tangibly manifest in the dwelling places of the people of the earth, enabling them to have actual physical contact with a focus of the Lord of the World in their midst.
Sanat Kumara’s mission was completed on January 1, 1956, when his most capable disciple Gautama Buddha was awarded the position of Lord of the World, having enough momentum to hold the balance for the planet and the focus of the threefold flame. Sanat Kumara then became Regent of the World, and in that capacity he continues to assist earth’s evolutions from his home on Venus.

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