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<blockquote>This is our call to you, then, who are beginning to remember that you are pilgrims passing through earth’s schoolroom and that you have upon our star of light homes of truly great magnificence. You have left there and you have left great palaces and the golden age that is perpetual and the evolution with lifewaves who are in constant contact with their teachers....</blockquote>
<blockquote>Come ye, then, into alignment with the God Star. For this reason beloved [[Purity and Astrea|Astrea and Purity]] have established this arc between the God Star and the earth.<ref>Astrea and Purity, {{POWref|32|18|, April 30, 1989}}</ref> I suggest that you take a moment when our star is visible to you to face that Central Sun and to give the mantra “I AM Alpha and Omega ... I AM Alpha and Omega in the white-fire core of Being.”</blockquote>
<blockquote>Blessed ones, the mantra of the affirmation of ourselves where you are as “I AM THAT I AM God Surya and Cuzco in my heart and soul and mind!” will enable us to anchor within you these currents. And believe me, beloved ones, there are currents from the stars! There are rays that do descend, and those rays are vital in the development of the spirituality of souls and of their chakras.”<ref>Surya, {{POWref|32|19|, May 7, 1989}}</ref></blockquote>

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