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<blockquote>Yes, beloved, they fight to the end, ''their own end'', and they know their end is coming. ''They'' are the ones who have nothing to lose. ''You'' are the ones who have everything to lose—your life, your soul, your attainment of all past ages and your [[ascension]] in the light, your divine plan, your mission, why you are here on earth.<ref>The Goddess of Freedom, “Play to Win!” {{POWref|35|46|, October 25, 1992}}</ref></blockquote>
[[File:1024px-12-07-13-washington-by-RalfR-12a.jpg|thumb|<translate><!--T:32--> The United States Capitol</translate>]]
== The flame of Freedom in the earth == <!--T:13-->
<blockquote>But, beloved ones, what a shame that the people do not have the teachings [of the ascended masters] and therefore all they know is to resort to destruction! Imagine that force tied together, focused together, invoking the [[violet flame]], calling for the binding of the [[dweller-on-the-threshold ]] of the fallen ones and those who cause the little people to submit in an unwarranted manner to systems and conditions that do not allow their souls to blossom, their spirits to be infired with godly principles and their minds to be educated so that they are not the homeless, they are not on welfare and they are not at the bottom of society....</blockquote>
<blockquote>Beloved ones, the violet flame is the key! And when the elementals receive it and the people receive it, I tell you there is always some misqualification of Freedom. Therefore, you who know the science of the seven rays and of the chakras must not let go of Archangel Michael’s [[sword]], must not fail to call to [[Astrea ]] daily for the binding of the forces who, [if you don’t,] will simply have a heyday [as they misuse the violet flame that is released through your decrees] and make more karma for Saint Germain and Portia.</blockquote>

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