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To ''transmute'' is to alter in form, appearance or nature, especially to change something into a higher form. The term '''''transmutation''''' was used by alchemists who attempted to transmute base metals into [[gold]], separating the “subtle” from the “gross” by means of heat. For ancient and medieval alchemists, the real purpose of alchemical transmutation was spiritual transformation.
That is precisely what the [[violet flame]] does for us. When we diligently invoke it through heartfelt prayer, the violet flame consumes the “gross” elements of our negative [[karma ]] and activates the “subtle,” spiritual part of us that is native to our soul.
The violet flame can literally consume the debris around our [[chakra]]s. Using the violet flame is like soaking your chakras in a chemical solution that dissolves, layer by layer, the negative karmic substance that has been trapped there for perhaps thousands of years.
[[Saint Germain]] teaches the accelerated path of transmutation of [[karma]] by the violet flame of the Holy Spirit and the transcending of the rounds of rebirth through the path of individual Christhood leading to the ascension demonstrated by [[Jesus]].
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