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'''Family mesmerism''' is one manifestation of animal magnetism; it involves the exertion of unwholesome control of one individual over another in the name of family ties. This name is often given to hypnotic ties whereby we allow ourselves to be open to energy of negativity coming from members of our families.
'''Delicious animal magnetism''' works through the [[physical body]] and involves overindulgence in the gratification of one or more of the five senses. The attainment of mastery must include balance in all areas of living. Prolonged abuses to the physical body such as gluttony, sexual excesses and perversions, the use of harmful stimulants such as [[alcohol]], psychedelic [[drugs]], dope and other unwholesome indulgences lead to physical disease, insanity and death. In many cases the results are carried over for several embodiments. When entire communities are involved, cataclysm is the end result.
Such manifestations of a lack of self-control not only indicate an absence of mastery, but also they are sins against the [[Holy Spirit]], for they violate the temple of God and the sacredness of the life force. It is each one’s responsibility to maintain the purity of the life-stream that flows forth from the [[I AM Presence|Presence]] twenty-four hours a day. To this end were the [[four lower bodies]] created, and that man might win his victory in the world of form. Mastery over the four lower bodies is mastery over the [[four elements]] (etheric—fire; mental—air; emotional—water; physical—earth).

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