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== Purposes ==
From its inception, The Summit Lighthouse has remained dedicated first to the development of the unlimited spiritual potential of man, and second, to the bringing forth of such [[progressive revelation ]] as will assist the individual to unfold his character, his ideals, and his understanding of cosmic law. The Summit Lighthouse seeks the betterment of mankind and the resolving of all human problems through its program of assisting individuals and nations to realize their intrinsic worth and capability.
Recognizing dogma and narrowness of belief as confining to the progress of the soul, the ascended masters’ teachings point to truth wherever it is found. In their approach to the religious quest, they outline the need for reason and order as well as consecration. The writings of the great masters published by The Summit Lighthouse point to the fact that nothing happens by chance, but everything happens according to natural and spiritual laws which may often appear as chance. The universe was set into motion by Infinite Law and Infinite Wisdom. Even its finite characteristics show the scientific accuracy behind the manifestation.

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