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These tribes have a destiny to fulfill. That destiny is to unite under the banner of the I AM THAT I AM—the Presence of God individualized in each one of us in whom there burns the flame of God. Through the Spirit of the living Christ, we are destined to become a major world power.
The twelve tribes of Israel today are not a lineage of twelve tribes by blood, but their descent can best be explained by [[reincarnation]]. The seed of Abraham was scattered. They continued to reembody, always carrying that seed, and therefore, they may not be in bodies that resemble the Semite people. They may very well be Chinese or African or Indian or any race. But they have come again.
The seed that they carry is the nucleus of the Christ consciousness. All who have the Christ consciousness are of this seed. And you find that there is a dividing line. You find people of every religion who deny that Flame, that essence, that Spirit, and deny the opportunity for the individual to become that Christ. Others have known from the beginning that they were Christ, they were that Flame, they were that Reality. Others have known it by another name and have intensely resisted the name Christ, but when they understand the true meaning, then they realize that that is the indwelling Presence with whom they, also, have communed.

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