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<blockquote>Nothing is more intolerable than to have to admit to yourself your own errors.<ref>Ibid., p. 92.</ref></blockquote>
<blockquote>I am not bad; hot blood is my wickedness, my crime is youthfulness. I am not bad, really not bad; even though wild surges often accuse my heart, it is still good. To do good wherever we can, to love liberty above all things, and never to deny truth.<ref>Beethoven, written in the autograph book of Herr Bocke, in Friedrich Kerst, compibid., Henry Edward Krehbiel, trans. and ed., ''Beethoven, the Man and the Artist: As Revealed in His Own Words'' (New York: B. W. Huebsch, 1905), p. 76.</ref></blockquote>
He knew he was a son of God. He could not necessarily explain the surge of the white fire through him preordaining his music and actually consuming substance or perhaps manifesting righteous indignation for outer injustice. So he explains his philosophy:
[[Saint Germain]] has said that no greater music of freedom has ever been written than the nine symphonies of Beethoven. These symphonies contain the power of the three-times-three, the action of the Trinity multiplied by power of three. The nine symphonies are degrees of initiation. There are nine degrees of initiations on the path of the ruby ray, and these degrees of initiations are lowered by frequency, vibration, sound, and then ultimately by God consciousness.
On April 22, 1979, [[Cyclopea]] spoke of “the symphony of the elementals, set forth by the hand of nine of the [[Elohim]] who delivered to Beethoven the nine symphonies of life. Will you not hear within them the power of the three-times-three, the [[threefold flame]] in the heart of the angels, in the heart of the sons and daughters of God, now waiting to be delivered into the heart of the beings of the elements?</blockquote>
== The importance of playing the symphonies ==
<blockquote>When the sound of Elohim, of the ruby ray and its initiates is heard in physical Matter and the balance is held as pillars of fire proclaim the name I AM THAT I AM, the Word and the sound of the Word in the music of freedom, then will the music descend. Then will that one descend to record it.</blockquote>
<blockquote>You will know that in the beginning was the Word,<ref>Johhn John 1:1.</ref> and by the Word spoken and transmitted as the music of the spheres of Elohim, by the Word transmitted as the sounding of the soundless sound, the intoning of that music will spell the final round of the consuming of evil within the spheres of this solar system. And there will be no stopping that sound across a cosmos when it is emitted from initiates of the sacred fire, from the sacred heart of souls comfortable and comforting all life in heaven and earth by the intensity of the Blood of Christ.</blockquote>
<blockquote>Therefore listen, O children. Harmony, O blessed harmony, is your challenge for the preservation of your freedom. And you will note how accurately he, [Beethoven], said, “I do not write noisy music.”<ref>Beethoven, reported by Schindler, “I never wrote noisy music. For my instrumental works need an orchestra of about sixty good musicians. I am convinced that only such a number can bring out the quickly changing gradations in performance,” in ''Beethoven, the Man and the Artist'', p. 39.</ref> Noise, the noise of dissonance and discord, side by side with the veritable sound of fiery vortices of moving galaxies, of Elohim humming the sound of the HUM, the [[OM]], the HRIM—all the sounds and tones of the Universal Ma can be heard in those nine symphonies of the Word....</blockquote>

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