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== Testing on the Path ==
When the pupil is ready for this the commitment to the path of eternal life (having seen the futility of false theology in mainline religions or of [[false gurus’ gurus]]’ cults of idolatry or of such traps as psychic dictations from ego-centered [[Atlantis|Atlantean]] [[discarnate]]s), then the [[ascended master]] appears—with his commitment to the pupil. This is the meaning of [[hierarchy]], whose logical function and highest expression is sealed in the Guru-chela relationship originally sponsored by [[Sanat Kumara]].
Step by step, the disciple is prepared for his soul’s testings on the Path. These are sometimes given to him when least expected through family and friends. Whatever his environment, the disciple finds that the master is acting either directly or indirectly through his associates to test his mastery of the law of harmony and his correct use of the Godly attributes of Power, Wisdom, and Love. And ultimately the testing is to see whether or not the chela is willing to make the required sacrifices concerning the lesser self that are necessary in order for him to receive the mantle of the Greater Self, his own beloved [[I AM Presence]], as well as that of the master.
<blockquote>However, let me amplify that you must not permit this statement to cause you to become apprehensive. Just be diligent to behave as a Christ, remembering his words, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me!”<ref>Matt. 25:40.</ref> If you will really follow this, you may well pass any test with flying colors that the Brotherhood sends for your perfection, admonishment and initiation into the highest spiritual brotherhood—the [[Great White Brotherhood]]—the fraternity of beloved [[Jesus]], [[Kuthumi]], El Morya, [[Djwal Kul]], beloved [[Lanto]], [[Kuan Yin]], [[Mother Mary]], beloved [[Serapis Bey]], [[Paul the Venetian]] and every Ascended and [[Cosmic Being]]!</blockquote>
<blockquote>To this aspire! To this calling be dedicated! There is much, much more to the Great White Brotherhood than either tongue or pen could tell.<ref>Chananda with the Ascended Master Alexander Gaylord, “The Great White Brotherhood as Inner World Government,” ''Keepers of the Flame Lesson 5''in {{PTA}}, pp. 20–27303–304.</ref></blockquote>
== El Morya on Initiation ==
<blockquote>The purpose of initiation is to inaugurate spirals of God-integration within souls who would move toward the center of Being that is life. Life in all of its dazzling splendor, life in its concentrated essence of the sacred fire, is too intense for mortals who have subjected themselves unto the laws of mortality. Those who live by death and death’s disintegration are not prepared to live in a life that is God.</blockquote>
<blockquote>It is an absolute requirement of the Law of Life that you don the spirals of integration—integration with God, your own Real Self. Day by day, line by line, the challenge of initiation is to integrate the soul, that potential of selfhood, with the Spirit of the living God, the [[I AM THAT I AM]]. And the keys to integration are (1) the science of harmony, (2) the science of energy flow and (3) the [[Science of the Spoken Word]]....</blockquote>
<blockquote>The magnet of love, the magnet of wisdom and the magnet of power that is your heart flame is the essence of your initiation on the Path.... Chelas of good will, understand that life in you is the victory in every cycle of initiation that is for the manifestation of perfection within you! In the heart and out of the heart are all of the issues of life.</blockquote>
<blockquote>The pathway back to the Central Sun of Being is the path of initiation whereby the soul must travel over the cycles that she has created through the correct and the incorrect qualification of God’s energy—''of God as energy''. Line by line, spiral by spiral, the soul returns to the heart of the One by the law of the One....</blockquote>
<blockquote>Traversing these spirals that represent There are dispensations on the commingling of the human and the divine creations path of initiation whereby the soul, the soul must may be impelled taken by grace into the momentum center of the heart. She must be nourished by Christ consciousness for re-creation in the fires of the heartTrinity, for inspiration, rejuvenation. She must see the light These periods of the heart as the beacon grace spent in the lighthouse window, guiding the ship Holy of the soul to the port Holies are moments of God-identity. The heart is identification that mark the lodestone. It is the rock ascent of the Christ consciousness. And the fires of the heart produce the energy whereby the soul makes her way, step by step, to the center of Being that is Godaspiring one....</blockquote>
<blockquote>There These moments in the mountain of God are dispensations a promise and a preparation for the moments of eternity to come when the soul, by attainment, will fly on the path wings of initiation whereby to the soul may be taken by grace into heights of the [[Secret chamber of the center heart|vaulted cathedral of the Christ consciousness for re-creation in heart]]. Thus by initiation the Trinity, for inspiration, rejuvenationlark ascends.... These periods </blockquote> <blockquote>We give you keys that you might discover the formula of grace spent your own initiation. That formula is locked in the Holy heart of Holies are moments your I AM Presence and in the magnificent spheres of God-identification that mark the ascent your own [[causal body]] of the aspiring one..light.<ref>{{MOI}}.</ref></blockquote> == Specific initiations ==
<blockquote>These moments in See the mountain of God are a promise following links and a preparation sources for the moments of eternity to come when the soul, by attainment, will fly more information on the wings of initiation to the heights of the [[Secret chamber of the heavaulted cathedral of the heart. Thus by initiation the lark ascends....</blockquote>specific initiations:
<blockquote>We give you keys that you might discover * Initiations of the formula path of your own initiationthe [[ruby ray]]: Sacrifice, Selflessness, Surrender and Service. That formula is locked {{OSS}}, Chapter 9.* Thirty-three initiations illustrated in the heart life of Jesus: {{OSS}}, p. 352.* The [[test of the ten]]. The test of selflessness in the solar plexus chakra: {{THA}}, Book Two, Chapter 10.* Initiations of the saints who follow the Lamb: {{OSS}}, diagrammed on pp. 247–49.* Initiations which Sanat Kumara gave to Ezekiel: {{OSS}}, pp. 73–76.* Initiations of your I AM Presence and the [[twelve solar hierarchies]] on the [[cosmic clock]]: {{PYF}}; {{PTA}}, pp. 106–74.* The [[Fourteen Stations of the Cross]]: {{PUC}}, pp. 194–212.* Initiations of the 22 chapters in the magnificent spheres [[Book of Revelation]]: {{A4H}}, pp. 189–91.* Initiation of your own causal body the slaying of lightthe personal and planetary [[dweller-on-the-threshold]]: {{PCA}}, pp.181–209; {{TEW}}.* Initiation of the [[trial by fire]]: {{PTA}}, pp.<ref>217–21. * The initiations of the [[transfiguration]], [[resurrection]] and [[ascension]] are explained and discussed in detail in {{MOIPTI}}, pp. 239–47.</ref></blockquote>
== For more information ==
== Sources ==
{{A4H}}, p. 189.
{{CAP}}, pp. 16, 66, 67, 68.

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