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Historically[[File:Brooklyn Museum - The Magi Journeying (Les rois mages en voyage) - James Tissot - overall.jpg|thumb|''The Magi Journeying'', the James Tissot]] The '''Magi''' were the priest class of Persia who were the “keepers of the sacred things, the learned of the people, the philosophers and servants of God,” who also practiced the art of divination, soothsaying and astrology. During the Persian empire, they were advisers of kings, educators of princes, and were held in highest reverence.
The Order of the Magi is a very holy inner order of the [[Great White Brotherhood]]. The [[Three Wise Men|three kings]] who came to the birth of [[Jesus]] were members of that order. Members of the order are committed to the service of the Christ, the worship of the Christ, the unfoldment of the Christ mind, the wisdom of the Christ. They are pledged to the [[Ascension Temple|retreat of Serapis Bey]] and committed to the [[ascension]] through service.

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