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== Transfer of the Liberty Flame from his retreat ==
It was the Goddess of Liberty who inspired the idea of the [[Statue of Liberty ]] as a gift of the people of France to the people of the United States, which was dedicated on Bedloe’s Island October 28, 1886. A symbol of their friendship and more, it was the spanning of the arc of liberty from the Château de Liberté back to the Temple of the Sun with the intent that the descendants of Atlantis reembodied at both her East and West gates (at France and the United States) would hold high her torch until Liberty’s culture should once again appear in a golden age founded upon the balanced and expanded [[threefold flame]] in the hearts of the freedom-loving people of these sister nations.
[[File:1200px-WashMonument WhiteHouse.jpg|thumb|alt=Aerial view of the Washington Monument and the White House|The Washington Monument]]

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