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[[File:0000205 healing-thoughtform-2283AX 600.jpeg|thumb|upright|alt=caption|The healing thoughtform superimposed over the physical heart]]

A thoughtform composed of three concentric spheres: white in the center then sapphire blue and emerald green sacred fire. It is scientifically created by [[Archangel Raphael]] for spiritual and physical healing.

== How to use the healing thoughtform ==

Whenever you pray for healing, know that the call compels the answer. Then call upon the Lord and know that he will answer:

: In the name of [[Jesus Christ]] and his presence with me in the Person of my own [[Christ Self]], I call to the heart of my own beloved [[I AM Presence]] and the angels of healing for the beautiful healing thoughtform to seal me in the perfect light of God’s own consciousness of my wholeness—now made manifest!

Then visualize spheres of sacred fire descending as the pulsating presence of the [[Holy Spirit]]. Visualize the white-fire core centered in the scintillating, sapphire-blue flame wrapped in the leaping, emerald-green fires.

By your unspeakable love for the [[Holy Spirit]], magnetize this healing thoughtform from the mind of God first to your heart and then to any distressed, disturbed, or diseased area of the body. You can even see your entire form enfolded in God’s healing presence. The healing process takes place through the restoration of Christ’s wholeness—first in your soul (both spiritually and emotionally), then in your mind (mentally and visually), and finally in your body, which will always reflect the state of your “higher” vehicles.

== The science of the healing thoughtform ==

The '''white-fire core''', always interacting with the [[violet flame]], is the energy of Alpha and Omega which transmutes the conditions (physical, mental, and emotional) that cause the disorder—i.e., the dis-ordering of the altogether natural flow of harmony in your life.

The '''blue sphere'''—again in combination with the violet fire—is the action of the will of God which summons by divine decree the atoms, molecules, and cells into conformity with the inner blueprint of the Son of God in whose image you were and are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”<ref>Ps. 139:14.</ref>

The ''green sphere''—blending with the “scrubbing, scouring” action of the violet flame—is the miracle of God’s immortal Life that restores the flow of Spirit through Matter and makes it whole. See in your mind’s eye the healing thoughtform alternating with the surging/resurging violet flame, burning through all substance blocking the flow of the Life-force.

As the whirling (clockwise) thoughtform magnetizes the flow of your lifestream into the matrix of Nature’s original design, the debris of centuries of misqualified thought and feeling substance is thrown off, by centrifugal force, into the violet flame, where it is stripped of all discord and transmuted by the alchemy of the Holy Spirit back to the crystal clarity of the [[River of Life]].

== See also ==

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== For more information ==

For more information on using the healing thoughtform and the [[flames of God]] for healing, see {{SSW}}.

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