Angel of the Revelation of John the Divine

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Saint John the Evangelist on Patmos, Jacopo Vignali (17th century)

Jesus dictated the book of Revelation to John the Beloved through his Angel of the Revelation. This angel has spoken profoundly on the Christ and the true meaning of Church and of the need to cease division within the Church. He says:

I speak to the body of God fragmented over the earth. I speak to those who come out of the churches and I speak to souls who are within the churches. I call to those who have worshiped God in Islam, as the Hindu, as the Buddhist, as followers of the Tao, as interpreters of the Word of the LORD of Israel. I speak to Jew and Gentile, to those who are the true followers of God and to those who have gone out of the way.

I release the Spirit of the living Christ and I say, Each way of finding God is a ray that leads to the center of the temple and of all true building that is Christ—Christ as you have known the eternal Logos in Jesus and Christ as you are to know him again in this age, within your very own heart and as the flame that burns upon the altar of the heart.

I come with a warning, and I come with a quickening. Let the warning be, then, to souls who are of God, that there are the fallen ones who have infiltrated your ranks, who have moved among you in your midst. It is they who are the false Christs and false prophets, and they have separated the love of the holy innocents and the credo of our Lord by their murmuring, by their false doctrine, by their separation of the love of the members of the body of God.

My warning, then, is this: that there shall come the crumbling of the Church of Rome and the crumbling of the churches of Christendom unless the spirit of division is routed from the church in the name of Jesus the Christ. And let the demons and the fallen ones tremble, for the Lord is nigh. And he will not allow the money changers to remain in the temple, those who barter for men’s souls, those who compromise the faith of our Lord with compromise to suit the ethics of the day....

Be true to the Christ who lives within, and you will find yourself one in the true Church that is a flame within your heart. It is not necessary for you to find salvation through outer commitment and outer organizations. But it is necessary for you to confirm the living Word where you are and to band together in the churches, to go back into the churches and to bring unto them the Holy Spirit and the message of the Angel of the Revelation, who I AM as a fellow servant with you of the Most High God.

I am come to give you the impetus of light and fire of the Christ to go back into the churches of your origin or to be a part of this band of devotees who have formed an outer focus of the Church Universal and Triumphant. Wherever you go to pray, to worship and to find oneness in the communion of souls, bring there the Spirit of the living God. Bring there the spirit of Truth.

And remember that this Truth is where you are and where I AM. And in that I AM THAT I AM, we are one and there is no separation in planes of consciousness, for the Spirit of God moves those who are in embodiment and who are in celestial spheres as one body in the service of Christ.

I am come for the contact. I am come that you might realize that the hosts of the armies of heaven are very real and very near and that the numbers of angels and angelic hosts, of archangels and seraphim and cherubim, and of the saints ascended far outnumber the forces of the fallen ones as well as the numbers who are yet embodied in terrestrial bodies on earth.[1]


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