Brotherhood of Mount Shasta

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Mount Shasta

The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, an ancient hierarchy of priests and priestesses who tended the flame of the Mother on the altars of Mu (Lemuria) before the sinking of that continent, is a brotherhood composed of ascended and unascended masters who are devotees of the Buddha and his light and who have kept the flame of purity in Mount Shasta. Ra Mu is a member of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta was once the crown chakra of Lemuria. The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta withdrew their focus from the mountain in 1988. Sanat Kumara announced “the withdrawal of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta from the retreat physical of Mount Shasta. This entire Brotherhood, therefore, does withdraw and does transfer their forcefield and focus both into the Grand Teton and into another area of the northern Rockies.”[1]

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