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The Brotherhood of Truth is the order of those who serve in Hilarion’s retreat over Crete, the Temple of Truth. They use the flame of healing, science and constancy focused there. They work with those who have become disillusioned with life and religion and with their fellowmen who have misrepresented or misinterpreted the Truth, and thus they have become atheists, agnostics or skeptics. The Brothers of Crete also work with doctors and scientists and assist them in their research.

Hilarion speaks of the requirements to become part of this order:

Water, then, the third part of a man, comprising his emotional body, is the mighty sea of Life upon which his own Christ Consciousness walks as his teacher to demonstrate the laws of alchemy, of precipitation, of life over death, of harmony over discord, and the basic precepts of the Law, which, when man understands and practices diligently, qualify him to become an initiate in the Order of the Brotherhood of Truth.

Initiates of this order wear white robes trimmed with a band of the emerald ray. And as they increase in the mastery and use of that ray, we increase the bands of the emerald ray on the sleeve. I say this to you to place before you a goal, and that goal is dominion. Dominion over water is the triumph of the Piscean Age, and that dominion qualifies a man or a planet to go forward into the cycles of Aquarius....

I, Hilarion, send forth the call! And by the authority of the two witnesses who have borne witness to the Truth, let the Light shine in the hearts of these devotees and let them know forevermore their immortal destiny, their divine origin! And let them march with the legions of Truth unto the eternal day of mankind’s awakening and the coming of the kingdom into immortal manifestation on earth as it is in heaven.

I have come with a purpose this night, and my purpose is to quicken you. And so this purpose shall be accomplished while you sleep. And those who are qualified shall be taken by legions of Truth to the Temple of Truth this night; and there you shall commune with the Eternal Flame, the Flame of Truth, and the Flame of the Holy Spirit that is also anchored in our retreat.

So shall it be that this the people of God who have chosen to worship God in this day and age shall be made electrodes for Truth from this day forward forevermore as long as they shall keep within their hearts and minds and actions the sacred covenants of Truth.

To be ministers of Truth is your calling. To be healers of Truth may be your faith, to be demonstrators of dominion over the water element your hope, and to be the Presence of the Holy Spirit your charity in Life. So accept the opportunity and go forth, precious sons and daughters; for this is your hour, the hour unto which you have served and for which you have searched and longed for thousands upon thousands of years.

I say to you, pilgrims of Truth, do not waste this hour, do not tarry. But go forth in your mission to conquer in the Golden Age and to manifest the victory of Light. Go forth into the battle and into the fray! For the victory is yours, and my legions of Truth shall never fail to accompany those who invoke them in the battle of life.

Therefore I say, invoke the legions of Truth. And know that as you march, they march with you—ten thousand at thy right hand and ten thousand at thy left hand, and thirteen thousand before and behind. And so the thirty-three thousand march in formation around every son and daughter who determines to be a warrior of Truth in action in this world.

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