Brotherhood of the Black Raven

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The Brotherhood of the Black Raven is the false hierarchy and black brotherhood of Europe. They plotted the murder and death of Marie Antoinette, and they are there today. The whole continent of Europe is oppressed by the black magic they practice.

Saint Germain and Portia spoke of the Brotherhood of the Black Raven in 1985:

Beloved ones, we are concerned more for the passing of the tests by the Lightbearers than we are for the judgment of the dark ones. Therefore our angels go forth for the binding of the Brotherhood of the Black Raven and the false hierarchies of the nations, that there be not upon the children of the Light those burdens of their own programming and inner controls of unceasing black magic that has been practiced against the Light within their hearts since the coming of Jesus Christ and before.[1]

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 14, 1985.

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