Chakras of California

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Chakras of California
Chakra City Comments
Crown Mount Shasta
Third eye Redding
Throat Sacramento The state capital, seat of government, a center of political control
Heart Fresno
Solar plexus Bakersfield Intended to be the flame of peace for this state, it has been the scene in other ages of the great destruction of peace, including on Lemuria.
Seat of the soul Los Angeles The sense of freedom is very great in Los Angeles. But there is a great perversion of the fires of freedom through the motion picture industry, through distorted art forms, through the misuse of the creative fires that we see in this city.
Base of the spine San Diego The sphere of influence of this chakra extends through Tijuana, La Jolla, the whole beach area. In this area there is a great perversion of the Mother flame through the drug culture and through poverty.
Secret ray chakras (from south to north) San Juan Capistrano Includes Capistrano Beach, San Clemente, and Laguna Beach
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara has a very key position on the coast, holding the balance of light factors all the way from the Aleutian chain to Tierra Del Fuego.
San Luis Obispo Includes Morro Bay, Atascadero, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Grover City, etc.
Monterey Includes Carmel, Pacific Grove, Marina, Castroville
San Francisco

The cities of the secret rays were settled by the Spanish missionaries, who established missions in each of these places. These were also ancient focuses of the worship of the five secret rays.

The influence of each chakra extends along the lines of latitude. The greatest concentration of light is in the particular city mentioned, with the light attenuated as you move further away.

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