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Clara Louise Kieninger (1943)

The ascended lady master Clara Louise was embodied as Clara Louise Kieninger. She made her ascension at the age of 87 from Berkeley, California, on October 25, 1970, joining her twin flame Amen Bey to serve with Serapis at the Ascension Temple at Luxor, Egypt. You can ask to be taken to this retreat to receive instruction for your path and what you are to accomplish in life.

Clara Louise Kieninger as a young girl

Previous embodiments

Clara Louise serves on the fourth ray of God’s purity, and her musical keynote is “Calm As the Night.” Her soul’s devotion to God is reflected in her prior embodiments. In the days of Lemuria, she served in the central temple as a priestess at the altar of the Divine Mother, and at the time of Jesus she was embodied as the apostle James. In her recent life, she often repeated to others the words of Jesus, “What is that to thee? follow thou me!”[1]

Her life

Clara Louise Kieninger was born on September 16, 1883, in Junction City, Kansas, and spent a happy childhood in a large pioneer family. She started her career as a secretary and businesswoman, but finally persuaded her mother to let her follow the profession of her heart: nursing.

In 1912 she graduated from the Lutheran Hospital Nursing School in St. Louis, Missouri. At this occasion she took her class motto, “Ich Dien” (I Serve), as the guiding principle of her life. Clara Louise quickly advanced to responsible positions, becoming assistant director and then director of schools of nursing. In 1917 she was sent to France as a chief nurse and served there until the end of the First World War.

She served devotedly in the field of nursing for many years and established the first school of nursing in Brazil, in preparation for her work with the children of the incoming seventh root race destined to embody in South America. Through the profession of nursing, she served the body of God on earth with the same honor and love she would accord the Christ.

She was a very sweet and gracious woman. She made everyone comfortable in her presence and elevated the dignity and self worth of those who were in a room with her.

Her memoirs are published in the book Ich Dien.

Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro (1943)

Her vigil for youth

Clara Louise had a great heart of love. She was also a disciplinarian. In her later years, as a dedicated student and friend of the ascended masters, she kept a daily vigil of prayer beginning as early as three or four in the morning and continuing for two to four hours, even until noon. She prayed on behalf of the youth of the world, the incoming children, their parents and teachers.

The ascended lady master Thérèse of Lisieux spoke of Clara Louise and her prayers for the youth of the world:

Cherish the era of childhood and preserve that innocence through all the years of thy life. For the one whose ascension you celebrate this day, your own beloved Clara Louise, did keep that innocence and purity side by side with an astute and mature discipline and a very ready awareness of the plots and ploys of the fallen ones to tear from her the bridal veil in the very hour of her ascension.

Ah, yes! She kept the watch in Berkeley, California. And I kept it with her for the children and the youth of the world. And many of you are sponsored by our flame.

We come with the aura of roses—mine pink, becoming the ruby ray of the blood of Christ; hers the white of her beloved Amen Bey and Mother Mary and Serapis, Lord of Life. Thus we two, standing as mothers mothering the Flame within you, present the body and the blood of Christ as the white and the pink, that you might also see that there is a bridal bouquet waiting for you as you accept the initiation of the cross of the ruby ray, of the angels of white fire.

Thus, enter into the joy of the hallowed circle of thy Father and thy Mother. And reconsecrate your life as “Holiness unto the LORD[2]—priests and priestesses of the sacred fire, drawing the circle of the One.[3]

From the ascended state, Clara Louise told us:

I see so many among you for whom I did pray in this my final incarnation, and I would tell you that it is clear in the record that my prayers did make the difference in your entering the Path. I am grateful for this but I tell it to you so that you can understand that I who have been with you so very recently in this century was able to develop that prayer momentum, and therefore you can do the same. It simply takes a dedication of time and space and a determination that puts down every other voice seeking attention, every point of chaos or confusion or disruption.[4]

Clara Louise at the Escola de Enfermeiras D. Anna Nery, Rio de Janeiro

Mastery of the spoken Word

Clara Louise practiced the science of the spoken Word for close to fifty years, and her calls and invocations were very powerful. She simply would not take no for an answer, a quality she learned from her embodiment as Jesus’ disciple. Just as Jesus cast out demons through the power of the spoken Word, so she knew that one has to be fierce with demons and the state of the human consciousness. Her fiats would travel across the planet as she gave her prayers and invocations, standing in defense of all children.

The world also needs your intercession and prayers for the children and youth. You can give fiery calls to God as Clara Louise did. And in the fierceness of the fire of Serapis Bey and Amen Bey, invoke the fiery mantle, or cloak of light, of Clara Louise. She carries the flame of white fire and will assist you in accelerating this flame, raising the Kundalini, the ascension flame and life-force within, so that you can deliver the command that binds the foul spirit.

When you speak in the authority of Christ, the foul spirit cannot disobey you, because God reinforces your call. You receive the reinforcement because you have a magnet of fire intense enough to draw down the magnet of your I AM Presence. However, you should always ask that your prayers be adjusted according to the will of God.

Mother of the Flame

In 1961 Saint Germain anointed Clara Louise as the first Mother of the Flame of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. On April 9, 1966, when the mantle of the office of Mother of the Flame was passed to the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Clara Louise became the Regent Mother of the Flame. From the ascended level, she continues to hold the office of Regent Mother of the Flame, nurturing the souls of all the world’s children.

In dress uniform

Her ascension

On July 3, 1962, Mother Mary promised Clara Louise the fulfillment of her ascension at the close of her embodiment. Astrea and Purity speak of her ascension and of her service since that time:

If you have the resolution, if you have the balance of your threefold flame, you will see and know that in the hour of your passing you can make your ascension, as occurred in the case of the first Mother of the Flame, Clara Louise Kieninger. She did make her ascension from the place where she passed, Berkeley, California, and chose that place, beloved, that there might ever be anchored there that focus of the ascension flame for the youth of the world.

So, beloved, there are those such as the first Mother of the Flame, who, upon the hour of passing and the release of the last sacred breath, did enter into ascension coils, as is meet. And thus she appeared at the temple of Serapis Bey, met her twin flame there, Amen Bey, and has been serving the youth of the world ever since—not alone from Luxor but she does journey from retreat to retreat around the world. Many of these retreats you have never heard about, but you shall hear about them in due time.

Clara Louise Kieninger, then, does go to the retreats to teach those who tarry there who have lessons to learn, karma to balance. And she speaks also to the hierarchy of the retreat, imploring them to send reinforcements for the care of the youth of the world and especially the unborn and especially the dire situation of the sacrifice of children in the womb and at term. Blessed ones, this has been her cause for many, many, many years in embodiment and now in the octaves of light.[5]

Her service today

Since her ascension, she has given seven dictations through Elizabeth Clare Prophet. In Gautama Buddha’s annual New Year’s address on January 1, 1973, Clara Louise was present at inner levels throughout the service. Gautama spoke of the return of her youthful appearance in her ascended state and announced that she would present to the Mother of the Flame a torch of illumination to the age:

Some of you may recall one who passed from you some time ago, the first Mother of the Flame who later became the Regent Mother. Well, I want you to know that tonight at inner levels she is with you.... I want you to understand that her body is no longer gray or crooked in any way; her form no longer reflects age, but only the beauty of her earliest youth and maturity. Upon her face there is a glow of hope and sweetness and love....

I want you to know that she still will be with you until this service shall break up. Until you shall leave and depart these doors, she will be with you this night, giving her love and her counsel at inner levels to you, conveying her blessing to you as the first Mother of the Flame. And she shall, ere the night pass, give to the present Mother of the Flame a torch charged with the vital fires from God’s heavenly altar and the conveyance of a vast mission to illuminate the world’s children and produce the blessing of true culture to the age and unto all people everywhere.[6]

The messenger has explained the meaning of the passing of a torch and its significance to each of us:

The torches must always be passed. One day you will pass a torch. The most important thing to remember about the passing of a torch is that the torch is a flame that burns. It is composed of many, many millions of flames. And each one of those flames is a petal—a petal of light and sacred fire.

As you go into the central sun of your mighty I AM Presence and form and fashion your torch of life, you will want to be certain, as those who have gone before us are certain, that the torch will contain all that the one who follows you on the Path will need in order to make it all the way Home.

I have mentioned to you that our beloved Mark signed my own copy of Climb the Highest Mountain with the words “May you win all the way.” It is not enough that we wish victory upon someone, or winning. We want them to win all the way, every step of the way—not just today but to the hour of the ascension.

Sather Tower, on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley

Every guru is concerned for the blessed chela—that he make it all the way Home, else the Path should be in vain. Therefore, you must be concerned for the chela you do not yet know, for the master you are to become—that even now you are forging a torch that you will one day pass. And when it comes time to pass the torch, there will be no time to say, “Wait a minute, I must create the torch.” The torch must be there and burning.

The torch of Gautama Buddha, Clara Louise and our own beloved Lanello were there—just seven weeks before his ascension. That very year of 1973, Summit University opened on a full-time basis—out of that torch. And all who have passed through its halls are free to ratify the will of God and receive one petal of the torch, one petal-flame that becomes a nucleus of their own torch to be passed in the hour of the appointing.[7]

A spiral of victory

Clara Louise says of her ascension:

There is a spiral of victory that is anchored in the atmosphere over the place where I made my ascension. And therefore, I shall direct you to that place and that home, that you might ever know when you are in the area of Berkeley that there is a focus that blesses and heals and is sustained for the little ones. And by your application to that focus, you can expand the influence of the Archangel Gabriel and Hope and of the Goddess of Purity[8] throughout this state, throughout America and the world.[9]

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For more information

Clara Louise Kieninger, Ich Dien, contains her life story of Clara Louise along with all the dictations she has delivered from the ascended state.


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