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The deathless solar body is the wedding garment (referred to in Matt. 22:1–14) that the soul must wear if she is to enter in to (1) the alchemical marriage (the soul’s permanent bonding to the Holy Christ Self) and (2) the ritual of the ascension (the Christed one’s permanent fusing to the I AM Presence). The ascended master light body.

Serapis Bey explains:

The parable of the wedding garment is indicative of the great deathless solar body which man must weave.[1] The anchor of man’s identity which he must willingly cast beyond the veil is symbolical of this wedding garment. Just as your tube of light is woven of the great redundant God energies which answer every call, just as the violet flame pulses through all who call upon the name of the Lord and visualize this beautiful flame, so does God answer the call of man to commence the weaving of his deathless solar body.

This body of light is begun in the heart of your God Presence and it is spun out of the light of the sun of that Presence as man below consciously invokes the holy energies of God. These are sent to him (where they are focused in the threefold flame within the heart) and then raised back through the top of his head up the silver cord into the hands of his Holy Christ Self for transmittal to the heart of the Presence where the garment is gradually woven as the wedding garment of the Lord....

Only the purified energies of their hearts can be returned to the heart of the Presence so that God may actually create a garment of pure light with which the aspiring soul may be clothed. Therefore only those energies of the Presence which are retained by man in purity and in love are a worthy offering which may be returned to God for the preservation of man’s immortality.

This garment of light possesses the power of levitation but it also possesses conformity to the outer and Inner Self. It conforms to the Inner Self because it is spun from the energies of God and the original pristine pattern of God for each lifestream. Embodying within itself, therefore, the principles of victory, it holds with the Presence and with all God-magnificence; possessing also conformity to the human, it is able to conform to the highest in man of the divine nature which he has externalized in the world of form, and it finds an anchor point in the human octave through all of the qualities and character of man which are congruent with the Divine.[2]


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