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The preacher Ecclesiastes was in the lineage of the messengers of God. He was a soul from Venus who embodied to teach mankind.

Sanat Kumara says of Ecclesiastes:

You may be interested to know that Ecclesiastes, or the Preacher, who wrote the book of your Bible bearing this name, spent more than one embodiment on the planet Venus mastering the arts and sciences and the ritual of the sacred fire. Therefore, when he proclaimed to the people of earth that the concerns of mankind were “vanity,”[1] he spoke from his experience of contrast, for he had compared at inner levels the highly evolved and spiritually magnificent culture of our people with that of planet Earth.[2]

The power to preach is the power to reach the soul by the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit transferred by the Father within you unto the Son, thence to the Christ Self of the creature, that the light of his own indwelling Christhood might descend to quicken his very own soul. This power to preach the Word of God ought to be sought and not shunned simply because some have misused it and organized religion to bind souls to themselves instead of to God.

Ecclesiastes was a preacher of righteousness and a caller of souls to reality as he went to and fro exposing the vanity of vanities of unreality. Go be! Go do thou likewise![3]


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, July 3, 1972; May 8, 1974.

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