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Ernon, Rai of Suern, was embodied 13,000 years ago at the time of Atlantis. The story of this extraordinary figure is told in the book A Dweller on Two Planets, by Phylos the Tibetan, published in 1899. It is the story of the incarnations of Phylos the Tibetan on ancient Lemuria, on Atlantis and in America in the nineteenth century.

Embodiment at the time of Atlantis

Rai is an Atlantean word meaning “emperor” or “monarch.” When Phylos was embodied as Zailm on Atlantis, Rai Ernon was the emperor of the land of Suern. This land encompassed present-day India and part of Arabia. The people of Suern possessed seemingly miraculous powers, including the ability to precipitate their own food. These powers stemmed, first of all, from their strict adherence to a moral code forced upon them by their monarch. Secondly, the Suernis enjoyed these powers by the intercession of the occult adepts of the time, who were called the Sons of the Solitude.

Rai Ernon was one of the Sons of the Solitude. These Sons were celibate, lived without families, often apart from civilization. In exceptional cases, they returned to civilization to serve their fellowman in Church and State. They went through years of training, embodiment upon embodiment, to become unascended and then ascended adepts.

Rai Ernon possessed extraordinary powers whereby he could defeat his country’s enemies without having to use weapons. In A Dweller on Two Planets we read an eyewitness account of how Ernon single-handedly conquered an army of 160,000 Chaldeans.

Despite their great powers, the Suernis were not a happy people. Zailm noticed that the people of Suern did not love their monarch, the Rai Ernon. The story of the Suernis is a story of the karma of rebellion against the Law and the Lawgiver. Because Rai Ernon forced the Suernis to obey a strict moral code as a prerequisite to their enjoying the use of occult powers, they cursed Ernon in their hearts, and many rebelled against their ruler.

Upon Ernon’s death the people lost their powers, as he had foretold. He was their guru and they were the ungrateful chelas. They had had their powers only by his grace and sponsorship. They were no longer able to precipitate their own food. In order to survive they had to learn the basics of agriculture, husbandry, mining and spinning under the guidance and training of the Atlanteans.

The Suernis

The story of the Suernis actually goes back further to the time when Jesus was the emperor of a golden age on Atlantis 35,000 years ago. He stepped down as monarch of Atlantis because 80 percent of the people demanded it. The 20 percent (about two million people) who supported Jesus left Atlantis with him and traveled to Suern. One million of them made their ascension from the land of Suern. The other million continued to embody. Most of them went astray and lost the tie to their Holy Christ Self that they had known on Atlantis.

These million souls continued to reincarnate on Suern and Atlantis. Throughout the centuries they gave birth to many of the souls who had turned against Jesus during the golden age on Atlantis. At the time of Zailm, former Atlanteans from that golden age were embodied on Suern. These Suernis continued to reincarnate and continued the stiff-necked and stubborn behavior they exhibited on Atlantis and in Suern.

The Suernis were then given the opportunity to embody as the seed of Abraham to atone for the karma they had made, some of them by betraying Jesus during his golden age on Atlantis and others by descending into a downward spiral of evolution on Suern. It was for these karmas that the children of Israel were sent into captivity in Egypt. The children of Israel have continued to reincarnate to the present day.

Mol Lang

Phlyos the Tibetan encountered Rai Ernon again in nineteenth-century America. Phylos was embodied as Walter Pierson, who met a master from the planet Venus named Mol Lang, who took him in his finer bodies to Venus. Mol Lang was Rai Ernon come again. Mol Lang taught Walter about the purpose of life, the law of karma and reincarnation, the nature of life after death, twin flames and other eternal truths.

Describing Mol Lang, Phylos writes:

[He had] deep-set eyes, under massive brows, and a head of similar contour to that of the philosopher Socrates; his snowy hair and long, white beard, together with a soldierly erectness of person, made Mol Lang ... the very personification of occult wisdom, from my point of view.... His turban ... was blue, mottled with brown.... He wore a long, gray robe,... belted at the waist. On his feet, of goodly, delicate shape, were sandals.

Phylos says his faith in Mol Lang was inspired “by the gentle dignity and kindly love” he saw “beaming from those deep-set, calm gray eyes.”[1]

His service today

The ascended master Ernon, Rai of Suern, says:

The teachings of the ascended masters given freely are a specific transfer, a quickening and a knowledge unto those who had it 35,000 years ago in the golden age of Atlantis and in many centuries prior to that, for those souls had been with Jesus long before the fullness of their time came in that golden age.

Therefore, understand that the traditions found in the Western Bible contain fragments and remnants of this ancient teaching. These fragments have been filled in by the ascended masters today—your beloved Saint Germain, your El Morya, and of course, the Lord Jesus Christ. Many others have joined them until the saints robed in white in numberless numbers have come forward to give this teaching.[2]

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