Four Cosmic Forces

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Manifestations of the LORD God himself, the living creatures referred to as the four beasts who are in the midst of the throne and around the throne of the one God; key transformers of the light of the Infinite unto souls evolving in the finite. The Solar Beings who fill these positions in hierarchy are the Four Pillars in the temple of God’s Being, who make possible the crystallization of the God Flame throughout the Macrocosm.

Revelation 4:6–8 describes four winged beasts surrounding the throne of God: the first was “like a lion,” the second “like a calf,” the third “had a face as a man,” and the fourth beast “was like a flying eagle.” These four cosmic beings are the guardians of the four quadrants of Matter in time and space—the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies of planets and their people, which correspond to the four elements: fire, air, water and earth.

Sanat Kumara explains:

The Four Cosmic Forces sustain the vision of the LORD God Almighty as universal awareness of the Creator within the creation. Full of eyes before and behind, the Four Cosmic Forces are perpetually stepping down the light of Solar Logoi, cosmic messengers of Alpha and Omega positioned in the flaming yods of the galaxies. Thus by their six wings, the three and three, and the three times three, they render the light, the energy of the Word, intelligible to electrons small and great in man and beast, vegetable and mineral.[1]

The path of the ruby ray

On the path of the ruby ray, Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama, Lord Maitreya, and Jesus Christ hold the offices of the hierarchs of the four quadrants. These offices (embodied by the Four Cosmic Forces) are noted in Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4 as the Lion, the Calf (Ox), the Man, and the Flying Eagle. As diagrammed on the cosmic clock, Lord Maitreya represents the Father on the 12 o’clock line (etheric quadrant) in the office of the Lion; Lord Gautama, the Holy Spirit on the 9 o’clock line (physical quadrant) in the office of the Calf; Jesus Christ, the Son on the 3 o’clock line (mental quadrant) in the office of the Man; and Sanat Kumara, the Divine Mother on the 6 o’clock line (emotional quadrant) in the office of the Flying Eagle.

The reference to the four beasts in Revelation 4 and following is the symbology used for the Four Cosmic Forces and their representation at every level of hierarchy, including the four lower bodies of man. The word beast means being in Alpha focusing Sun-power from Spirit to Matter (t). T always stands for the place where Spirit and Matter meet.

Astrologers have noted that the four beasts of Revelation correspond with four of the signs of the zodiac—the lion with Leo, the calf with Taurus, the man with Aquarius, and the eagle with Scorpio.

In man and nature

The four lower bodies are reference points for man’s mastery of himself and his environment through the mastery of the Four Cosmic Forces known as earth, air, fire and water. These cosmic forces form the square at the base of the pyramid of Life; and unless they are in balanced manifestation within the four lower bodies, neither man nor his creations can be perfected or made permanent.

The elemental beings of earth, air, fire and water are representatives of the Four Cosmic Forces in the lower kingdoms of the planetary body.

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