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Working with the representatives of the Holy Spirit, the hierarchs of the four elements, the ascended master Cuzco and Mighty Cosmos, the God of Nature draws the magnetic currents of the earth and directs them in a balancing action throughout nature and elemental life.

He is six feet tall and releases his radiation through robes of pink, gold and green. The aura emanating from his head is of an intense blue light, and the light rays that pour forth from his entire form resemble the Aurora Borealis. The rays from his head are white, and those from the heart are gold. From his right hand he emits the green ray and from the left, the pink.

The God of Nature moves with the magnetic currents of the earth, draws them and releases them at will, amplifies and balances their action as they pass through his body, and his consciousness absorbs them and is absorbed by them.

Prior to his attainment in this field, he was embodied as an alchemist of the sacred fire. At inner levels, he learned how to manipulate cosmic forces, and by the time he ascended, he had such a great momentum in working with nature that he was given this position in hierarchy in order that the cosmic beings who previously occupied it might go on to cosmic service.

The God of Nature works with the God of Gold to precipitate gold from the electronic currents of the sun. The presence of this metal in the earth is essential to the balance of the forces of nature and the physical body of man.


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