Himalaya Mountain

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Himalaya Mountain

Himalaya, named by the messenger, is a 6,316-foot mountain (unnamed on the Miner U.S. Geological Survey map of the area) on the Royal Teton Ranch just across Mol Heron Creek from the Ranch Headquarters.

The Buddha of the Ruby Ray maintains a focus in Himalaya Mountain. Lord Maitreya has explained:

Thou art Home in light, and illumination’s glow as the fire in the heart of the mountain does set the backdrop for the Buddha of the Ruby Ray. Look, then, on inner plane at the mount you have called Himalaya—it looks as though the entire side of the mountain should open as a vast door; and in the heart of the mountain is a blazing illumination’s flame and seated in this flame, beloved, is the transparent Buddha of the Ruby Ray.... And therefore, all inside the mountains of earth, those which have been chosen by the Gods, there are manifestations of light unknown and unheard of.[1]

The Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi also spoke of the presence of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray in Himalaya Mountain:

So, I say to one and all: In the God-center of the Buddha of the Ruby Ray, who yet maintains a focus on this ranch in the mountain you have named Himalaya, call to us at any hour of the day or night for assistance in challenging whatever conflict, whatever calamity you see coming over the horizon. Meditate in your heart now that you might feel shafts of light from cosmic spheres entering your being for a strengthening, for a balancing, for a restoration to God-centeredness.[2]


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