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The ascended masters have referred to the soul as the child who lives inside of us. Psychologists have dubbed the soul “the inner child.” The soul by any other name is still the soul. And we are her parents and teachers, even as we are her students.

Our responsibility to the inner child

It is our responsibility to daily impress upon the soul (1) what is right—what is real and of enduring worth and therefore must be kept—and (2) what is wrong—what is not real and not of enduring worth and therefore must not be kept but cast into the sacred fire.

The ascended masters do not intend that we should be led around by every whim of our souls even as they do not intend that we should be led around by every whim of our children. Since the soul is our child until she comes of age, we must love and protect, instruct and discipline her on the spiritual path.

El Morya says that we should not place our emphasis on being obedient to the soul as the inner child, but rather that we should place our emphasis on teaching the soul to be obedient to God and to her Holy Christ Self. You would not allow your children to dictate the terms of your household or your comings and goings, so why would you allow your soul, your inner child, to dominate you and tell you, “Go here. Go there. Do this. Do that”?

The soul is the little child who is destined to become the Christ Child. Let us lead our souls even as we are led by our Holy Christ Self. Moreover, let us remember that as parents and teachers we are responsible for the protection and education not only of our children but also of our souls, that we might mold both the souls of our children and our own souls after the heavenly patterns.

Healing the inner child

The ascended masters have offered to assist the soul in the healing of the inner child.


In a dictation on July 5, 1991, Jesus said:

You may call to me in the steps and stages of the unfoldment of my God-free being, from the Manchild in the womb unto the Son of God, from the infant Christ newborn to the child of seven and twelve. In all these steps you may call to me, for each step of my initiation corresponds to a step of your own.... I will take you at inner levels through the steps of development from your physical body's conception in the womb. I will take you through those skipped steps until your soul is satisfied that you have fulfilled each step that God has ordained for you as your inalienable right.[1]


Lord Krishna has also offered his assistance in the healing of the records of pain as you use the recordings of his mantras and bhajans. Krishna teaches you to visualize his Presence over yourself at the age when you experienced emotional trauma, physical pain, mental pain, anguish—all records of pain, any records that flash to you from this or a previous lifetime. You can ask for these events in your life to pass before your third eye like slides moving across a screen or even a motion picture of the events. Assess the age you were at the moment of the trauma.

Then visualize Lord Krishna at that age—six months old, six years old, twelve years old, fifty years old—and see him standing over you and over the entire situation. If there are other figures in this scene through whom the pain has come, see the Presence of Lord Krishna around them also until in this devotional mantra you are pouring such love to Lord Krishna that he is taking your love, multiplying it through his heart, passing it back through you and transmuting that scene and that record.

If you see every party to the problem, to the anger, to the burden, as being superimposed with Lord Krishna, you can understand that you can affirm in your heart that there really is no reality but God. Only God is real and God is placing his Presence over that situation through the personification of himself in Lord Krishna.

For more information

Elizabeth Clare Prophet has released an audio recording of devotional songs, Krishna: The Maha Mantra and Bhajans, that can be used in the exercise of healing painful memories. Available from


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