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Justina is the twin flame of Mighty Victory. On January 1, 1978, in Pasadena, California, beloved Justina dictated for the first time. In this landmark address, titled “The Forgiveness of Eve,” she said:

Now I step forth, for Almighty God has weighed these several systems of worlds and the evolutions therein, and Almighty God has pronounced that certain evolutions of lightbearers do now contain within themselves enough consciousness of the victory of the feminine ray that I might stand forth and be with my Beloved the focal point for the Father-Mother God in total awareness of the victory of evolutions in these systems. Beloved ones, the one whom you call Mighty Victory is indeed androgynous, as I am, as is Alpha, as is Omega. But as we come forth together, descending into lower and lower dimensions of awareness, we bring a greater complement of the spectrum of that cosmic polarity as a polarity of manifestation to those of lesser evolution. Therefore, though one may be sufficient in the whole, always twin flames are required for the transmutation of a cosmos.

We can claim the sense of victory from Justina. Saint Germain tells us how:

Blessed hearts, the only reason to get out of bed in the morning is for the victory! There is no other reason to get out of bed! Hear me. You must have the victorious spirit. You must claim it from Mighty Victory. You must claim it from Justina and all of the hosts of heaven!

We are sick and tired of the nonvictory consciousness! There is a victory available to you and you and you and every one of you. And you must have it! You must will to have it! You must desire to have it! You must shout your fiat and determine: “I will be God’s will of victory in manifestation today, this hour and every day!”

Get up for the victory! Go to bed for the victory! Work for the victory! Eat for the victory! Be joyous and happy for the victory. But always and always and always give the earth, give yourself, give all whom you meet that victory spin! I say, do it and be glorious about it, be triumphant about it, be magnanimous about it, but be it!

So! So now you know why I have come in the hour of victory. [It is] because I desire the full momentum of Lord Maitreya to be in this Inner Retreat that he might have his day and have his say. And I tell you, there is more fire and determination in the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, in this messenger and in you than there is the spirit of defeat in the fallen ones.

Do you understand? He who has the greater sense of victory will win! And we are going to win![1]

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