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“K-17” is the code name for the ascended master who heads the Cosmic Secret Service. Its members are devotees of the All-Seeing Eye of God. They use their God-vision to warn the citizens of cosmos of threats to the security of the individualization of the God flame—threats to life and liberty, threats to the governments of the world and to the family as the basic unit of the Aquarian society.

Both K-17 and his sister were able to maintain life in their physical bodies for over three hundred years prior to their ascensions in the 1930s. Continuing their evolution and service to embodied mankind, they now maintain a villa in Paris and focuses in other parts of the world for the training of unascended chelas.

K-17 frequently visits the executive offices of the United States Government in a physical body and works closely with members of the FBI. He is equally familiar with the Kremlin, although they are not aware of his true identity.

The work of the Cosmic Secret Service

The members of the Cosmic Secret Service are the guardians of the destiny of liberty in America and in every nation on earth. Because of the nature of their service, K-17 and his co-workers are very close to the physical octave. They often appear in physical form as the guardians of right action midst chaos and crisis as they assist members of the various security agencies of the nations of the world. Sometimes they actually work undercover, assuming the appearance of those whose ranks and organizations they would penetrate.

K-17 explains that his legions “have dedicated themselves to be those members of hierarchy who are the closest to the physical octave and its physical vibration.... It has been said of me that I make more physical appearances in the halls of governments and among the leaders of nations than any other ascended master. This is because of the dispensation of the legions in the Cosmic Secret Service to work so close to mankind that they actually feel tangibly our presence, and thus in times of danger their fears are allayed because they feel the presence of that heavenly help that is always forthcoming when there is dedication to the honor flame.”[1]

K-17 employs a protective forcefield known as a “ring-pass-not,” which is actually a ring of white fire that may be tinged with the colors of the rays according to the requirements of the hour. He draws this circle of living flame around individuals and places to protect and to seal the identity and forcefield of those dedicated in the service of the light.

Working with K-17

In 1973, K-17 described the work of his legions and how we can help them. He said:

My legions are agents of the Cosmic Christ, and they are ever on the alert to search out those manifestations that are subversive against the Christ and the unfolding Buddhic consciousness in mankind.... My legions have computers recording all types of information on all types of people, for we must be ready, as we serve with the Keeper of the Scrolls, to provide any ascended master at any time with what you would call a dossier on a lifestream.

The ascended masters use this information to determine a person’s aptitude for a specific job they would assign him.

We do have openings in our ranks for those who would participate, by the use of the All-Seeing Eye of God with the help of Cyclopea, in calling to the attention of hierarchy the persons and conditions, the organizations and happenings that are not in keeping with the Law and that are... a threat to the advancement of the light upon the planet. You know that God is omniscient. But God’s omniscience is manifest through his awareness of himself in man. God uses your hands and feet. He also uses your eyes. And thus it is not out of order for those in embodiment to call to the attention of hierarchy conditions that are in the making and on the drawing boards that require the seal of white fire—the ring-pass-not.

I desire also to acquaint you with the fact that in your service with the legions of K-17, you may don the cloak of invisibility. The cloak of invisibility is a forcefield that can actually render you invisible as you walk in dangerous passages and along the highways in the service of the Brotherhood. But I ask you to remember when you desire to be seen ... to request of your Christ Self that the cloak of invisibility be removed....

There are definitely times, as you will learn from my legions, when it is important to walk the earth incognito. When you realize you are in the camp of the enemy and you are there to gather information and to learn what you can learn for the sake of the light, then you remain in the folds of the cloak of invisibility and your very conscience and soul tell you that silence is golden, that discretion is the better part of valor.[2]

There are many in embodiment who serve with the Cosmic Secret Service. This is because many ascended masters who serve on the councils of the Great White Brotherhood have not been embodied recently. Once they ascend, they are no longer in touch with the world situation and contemporary society in the same measure that they were when they were embodied on earth. While they possess the power of tuning in to mankind, they don’t spend any more of their energy than necessary to accomplish their service.

The unascended branch of the Cosmic Secret Service assembles information on specific cases, writes reports on world situations and offers opinions as to what should be done about certain matters. The reports of the various agents are put together and examined. The masters compare their own views with the suggestions of the unascended agents. In most cases, they pass on the results in concise form to the Karmic Board. The final actions of the Brotherhood are based, then, to some degree, on the intelligence gathered by those in embodiment.

Lanello and K-17

In 1977, Lanello revealed that he had worked with K-17 for many centuries prior to his ascension. These two masters continue to work together, and in 1996 they delivered a report on the world scene requesting that the students give calls to Cyclopea to expose and prevent attacks on the nation of America.

You can apply to be a part of the Cosmic Secret Service, and one way to do this is to write letters to Lanello and K-17. You can write to them nightly and burn the letter. The angels will take that letter to the Royal Teton Retreat, where the Lords of Karma meet, and you can give all kinds of information that you may have awareness of that must be corrected. You can state what the problem is and then offer what part of your service and decrees or any other service you would contribute to the healing of that condition in society or what you may know about as a very major threat to the government of this nation or other nations.

K-17 and the legions in his command should be called upon to expose by the power of the All-Seeing Eye those forces and plots that would undermine Saint Germain’s plan for God-government in the golden age. His flame is teal green and white. He is often simply referred to as “Friend.”


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