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The Keeper of the Scrolls is a cosmic being in charge of the akashic records of this galaxy, the impressions of all that has ever transpired in the planes of Matter.

Of his service, the Keeper of the Scrolls has said:

As Keeper of the Scrolls, I want to tell you that I have an awesome responsibility! Fortunately, the eternal Father has given me many able assistants [the recording angels]. I am here to tell you that there is not one jot nor one tittle of energy that passes through any of your lifestreams that is not recorded on the eternal scrolls. Fortunately, by the power of the sacred fire and the love of beloved Saint Germain, there has been established a special qualification of the cosmic law whereby those who use the violet fire faithfully have an erasing action that takes place on the scrolls. And through the action of the flame, their karma is removed almost as soon as it is created.

I wish to point out to you, beloved ones, that each time there is a removal and transmutation of karma, a temporary record is made of it. If individuals will continually persist in repeating the same offenses against the great cosmic law over and over and over again, there comes a time when their actions are called to the attention of the Lords of Karma. Then, a specific activity of the Law is brought to bear upon the lifestream whereby all of their karma becomes accountable for balance. For it is absolutely necessary that mankind shall face their own human miscreations! This action is brought about in order to insure all lifestreams that they will not continually turn toward the left-handed path. It is a curbing action, designed to bring them back to the right hand of God and to the right hand of fellowship. It is wholly an action of divine love.[1]

The Keeper of the Scrolls maintains an extensive library and research facilities so that at any time the record of a lifestream who may be petitioning for energy, opportunity or a dispensation from the Lords of Karma may be reviewed. Thus, one of the duties of his office is to provide the ascended masters and the Karmic Board with a resumé of the embodiments of an evolving soul about whom they may inquire.

At Easter 1962, in his first dictation, the Keeper of the Scrolls explained that he has

... a dual parchment for each lifestream. One is magnetized of the sacred fire itself and carries the complete life pattern for the individual upon it. It is unalterable and irrevocable: it is the law of life for you! There is a smaller parchment, which is placed on top of the permanent one. It is much thinner and somewhat plastic in substance. It contains the complete engrammatic record of your life from the time you first came forth into individualized consciousness. Every mark of your being, every thought that you have entertained is recorded there.

I do not gaze upon these scrolls unless I am specifically requested to do so by the Karmic Board. This occurs when an assessment of a lifestream is desired in order to ascertain their opportunities or the need for temporarily lowering the karmic hammer upon them. When it therefore becomes necessary to make such an evaluation, I assure you that I immediately turn my eyes to the violet fire of transmutation in order to erase from my consciousness at once all that is written upon the scroll by the infamy of human consciousness.[2]

When the soul comes before the Karmic Board to give an accounting at the close of each embodiment, the Keeper of the Scrolls or one of his representatives reads to the Lords of Karma the records taken from the Book of Life. The Keeper of the Scrolls also reads the records of those lifestreams who have come to the Last Judgment at the Court of the Sacred Fire on Sirius, and in that position, he alone is permitted to stand opposite the throne of Almighty God.

When the time comes for the round of embodiments to be finished and the soul to make his ascension, the Keeper of the Scrolls or one of his assistants reads the records of the lifestream in honor of his achievement. The Keeper of the Scrolls, acting with the individual’s own Christ Self, then puts to the torch those records of mortal involvement that have bound the soul to the earth. Thereafter, he says, “in the eternal records of God there will remain only the record of eternal perfection; thus, in the future lifestream, a perfect individualized outpicturing of God-manifestation, man made in the image and likeness of God.”[3]

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